Describe and define the health diagnoses, treatments,

Describe and define the health diagnoses, treatments,

As a nurse at Memorial Hospital–a large city hospital, you provide care to diverse patients. As you work the nursing units at the hospital, you engage with the electronic health records of hundreds of patients each day as a way of accessing, recording, and developing guidelines for safe and quality patient care. Today, you have accessed a patient portal to help you develop and design educational materials for your patient. As you review the pertinent information in the patient portal, you begin considering how you will communicate these educational materials to your patient. After gathering your thoughts and obtaining the necessary history and medical needs of your patient, you are ready to create and deliver this educational plan to your patient.

Design and create an educational plan (brochure or pamphlet) that addresses the following:

  1. Include relevant health information necessary to educate your patient on their healthcare needs.
    a. Describe and define the health diagnoses, treatments, and at least ONE medication listed in the patient portal
    b. Explain relevant statistics and individual health vital signs related to the patient’s medical history
    c. Explain additional sources of support for patients with similar health needs/diagnoses
    d. Consider the context of your individual patient, and be sure to INCLUDE any recommendations on how to access sources of support based on racial/ethnic background or culture, socioeconomic status, educational background, health literacy and linguistic proficiency

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