Demonstrate your understanding of the key theoretical constructs discussed throughout the course

BUSM 1311: The Entrepreneurial Process

Semester 2 2016

Information Sheet and Marking Criteria

Assessment Task 3: Business Status Review of Empire of Giggle

Final Individual Report



The following document is an outline of what is expected from each individual student pertaining to the final piece of assessment for semester 2 2016 in Entrepreneurial Process.


Each individual student will submit a hard copy of your report to the lecturers in your respective class in week 12 (11, 12 and 13 October). In addition a soft copy of the report to the turnitin assignment link at myRMIT is due by Thursday of that week.


The soft copy report must have the standard RMIT University assignment cover sheet attached (available on-line). When submitting the soft copy of your final report through the turnitin assignment link on the BB, please use the link created for your class only and make sure to mention your name and student ID clearly and correctly in the comment section.


Further instructions about the submission time and date will be provided on the BB when the assignment link is created.




2000 Words (excluding prefatory section, references and appendices)


Total Value:




The question posed:


Based on the series of board room discussions, and in reference to your own thoughts and ideas do you believe that the Marx family will be able to make it in Australia? In your view what will be their biggest hurdles and challenges, and who do you see taking on the responsibility to ensure that they do not go back to Belorussia in disgrace. Finally, does the family have any advantages that they can leverage in their pursuit of the Australian dream?


Students should clearly answer three basic questions in the analysis: 1) Is this a realistic business ideas in today’s opportunity landscape? 2) Can the product or service be provided on a profitable basis? 3) if not, what is a viable alternative for the family?


In particular, students should answer the following questions:


  1. Evaluate the ‘Empire of Giggle’ business opportunity in light of 3 out of 10 key themes of the entrepreneurial process discussed and expanded on in every week’s class and Board Room Meetings.
  2. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the Board Room recommendations for your chosen themes in relation to the business opportunity and provide theoretical evidence to support your position. Mere ‘gut feelings’ won’t count.
  3. Make a recommendation on whether the ‘restaurant’ concept is as a matter of fact the most feasible opportunity for Marx family or whether they could consider an alternative opportunity. Discuss the opportunity in detail and validate it with theory and data.




The purpose of this individual assignment is as follows:


  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the key theoretical constructs discussed throughout the course
  2. Demonstrate the ability to synthesis these constructs highlighting the interdependencies that exist between all of them
  3. Demonstrate your ability to adapt and apply these constructs in a “real world” scenario
  4. To develop your research based skills
  5. To develop your skills in critical thinking and analysis
  6. To demonstrate your research reporting skills





Business Status Review of the Empire of Giggle


As stated the purpose of the assignment is to gain insights into the viability of the Marx family’s entrepreneurial dream, and to determine if they are on the right track. Your discussion will draw on the weekly boardroom deliberations which will in part form the basis of your narrative. These deliberations will be augmented on and expanded by your own research and inquiry into the key threads discussed weekly.


Your assignment will expand on any 3 of the following threads discussed in the semester.


The key threads discussed include:

  1. Mind and Behavior
  2. Ethical and Social Responsibility
  3. Opportunity and Creativity
  4. Pathways
  5. Commercialization
  6. Capital
  7. Marketing
  8. The Law
  9. Planning
  10. Intrapreneurship


It is decided that in the context of a 2000 word assignment, covering 3 concepts in depth is not only a practical outcome; it in itself will demonstrate your ability to analyse and adapt theory into a practical environment. However, notwithstanding the in depth exposition of three threads, it is expected that references, where appropriate are made to the other threads insofar as they may impact on the three key threads that you are discussing.


*Please note that in order for you to receive a good grade, you will need to adapt the theory to the scenario of the Marx family, support that with academic references and demonstrate YOUR analytical appreciation of the environment in which the Marx family finds itself. (Direct examples are encouraged to support your argument)




The format of the report is to be as follows.

  1. Times New Roman
  2. Font size 12
  3. Justified
  4. 1.5 spacing.
  5. Printed on one side of the paper for the hard copy
  6. Bound and professionally presented.


Research Base

The assignment should be supported with a minimum of 15 peer reviewed academic references. Lecture slides, Wikipedia and such like do NOT constitute academic reference material.

Key elements of the report

The following is a suggested diagrammatical construction of the report and the associated research


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