Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of human body functions in health

The purpose of this Reflection Essay assessment of your chosen model of nursing is to assess the following learning outcomes for the module:



  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of human body functions in health and ill-health conditions relevant to nursing practice’


  • Demonstrate an understanding of vulnerability and the principles of safeguarding and raising concerns


Thinking skills


  • Identify and apply the principles of the core concepts that underpin contemporary professional nursing practice and person centred care in all settings
  • Demonstrate application of legal and professional frameworks and local policies to safeguard and protect people/ vulnerable persons


Subject-based practical skills

  • Demonstrate a range of key practical nursing skills safely accurately and sensitively.


Assessment Brief

You are required to write an essay entitled: Reflection on your chosen nursing Frame work in order to write your essay

You may wish to focus on any of the key themes discussed in the module sessions. For example:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of your chosen Nursing Frame work
  • The value of Nursing Frame work and how it influences the practice.
  • Critical reflection on nursing framework in practice
  • Reference to the academic literature from the health and social care related disciplines
  • A brief discussion how this learning will influence your future nursing practice

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