Crystal Clean Business

Crystal Clean Business

Executive Summary

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“Crystal Clean Business” will be launched in 2014. It will offer a wide range of diverse sanitation and cleaning services. It will provide standard cleaning services to homes, companies, hospitals, and schools. It will be based in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas State. The range of services offered will include cleaning floors and the entire concrete surrounding a building, cleaning windows and walls, cleaning office furniture and other office fittings and fixtures, and general cleaning of the internal environment.


Define the type of marketing that will be used for the business.

The company will implement an aggressive marketing campaign during the initial stage to sensitize residents about its existence. This will be accomplished through putting posters on notice boards in town and dropping leaflets all over the town. Three major surveys will be conducted to learn about the preferences and desires of potential customers. Mass media is another platform that the business will use to advertise its services so that it can gain ground in the market.

Distinguish the type of organizational structure that will be used in the business. 

The type of organizational structure that will be used in the business is the sole proprietorship organizational structure. A sole proprietorship is a business that is owned by one individual who has total responsibility and control of the business; is responsible for all liabilities and taxes of the business, and receives all the profits. This is because I will be the sole manager and I will oversee all applications. I will hire four employees to assist in the business. As the business expands, it will be converted into a company to handle the increased demand. External

Describe the competition of the business.

The business will be operating from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas State. There is virtually no competition in the area as there is no other company specializing in cleaning and sanitation services. The survey conducted when drafting the business plan revealed that there is a high chance that “Crystal Clean Business” will monopolize the market. The business intends to capitalize on the absence of competitors to build customer loyalty and enhance its brand reputation.

Identify political and legal limitations.

Cleaning and sanitation is a highly sensitive business. The main legal limitation is that a business has to be bonded and licensed before it can be authorized to offer sanitation services. It is also compulsory for the business to obtain Public Liability Insurance so as to reimburse customers and employees in case of risks and injuries. There are no major political limitations since there is no extreme political activism in Walnut Ridge.

Define the economy and culture of the location used for the business.

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas is a city with a population of approximately 4,890 people as of the 2010 census. The town is the cultural and commercial centre of Lawrence County. The primary economic activity for the majority of the residents is agriculture. The town also has a vibrant industrial sector. Most of the residents in the town work in industries such as Douglas/Quikut, Morgan Buildings and Spas, and Frit Industries. The industrial companies in the city would be ideal potential customers for “Crystal Clean Business”.

List types of suppliers that will be used for the business. 

The types of suppliers that will be used for the business are primarily local supermarkets and megastores. The business will enter into contractual agreements whereby supplies shall be made in bulk. “Crystal Clean Business” will build an amicable relationship with the suppliers who prove to be reliable and negotiate discounts with them.


The company aims to be the best service provider in its area of operation and will offer excellent cleaning services. Knowledgeable and skilled employees will be hired to ensure that the company becomes the best in Arkansas and eventually in the whole nation. Customer loyalty is a core value. It will be entrenched through providing free sample work to potential customers and after-sale services to customers. “Crystal Clean Business” will thrive and become the leading provider of cleaning and sanitation services and solutions in the nation.


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