Critique, Helen Fishers Anatomy of Love

Critique, Helen Fishers Anatomy of Love







Helen Fisher’s Anatomy of Love

There are inherent differences in gender that determine how men and women deal with challenges at different levels. In her Women, Men and Power, it is certain that women have better approaches of problem resolution than their male counterparts. The relative approaches are diversified and flexible to ensure that every party is given a chance to voice their concerns. Such an environment promotes dialogue and negotiation that is imperative for sustainable decision making and problem resolution. Notably, men are not equally empowered in this regard as their choices tend to be fixed and definite. Often, they are uncompromising and will in most instances assume extreme measures when resolving issues. However, it is worth acknowledging that differences in personality also influence this. In other words, the prepositions in this respect could not be factual.

From an anthropological point of view, humans have evolved from a humble background. Notably, nature has provided an ideal living environment for humans since historical times. In particular, the trees and caves protected humans from the harsh weather conditions that could have otherwise compromised their very existences. Other animals were not only a rich source of food and company, but they also promoted the aesthetics of the human environment. Over time, humans have evolved and changed their habitats although they continue to rely on nature for survival. In this consideration therefore, it is certain nature is integral in human existence and to enhance sustainability, humans need to protect it. It is important for the relationship in this regard to be mutual so that both parties derive optimal benefits from each other.

Alan Wheelis “How People Change”

In the Grass, the sole intention of the father in exposing his son to the harsh conditions is to inculcate ideal values in his behavior. These are essential for virtuous living and harmonic co existence within the society. Much as the values are imperative, their inculcation needs to assume sustainable forms in order to be effective. In this regard, it is certain the mode of punishment compromised the parent-son relationship. This made the child liable to negative external forces and he found it difficult to share the close relationship with his father. Thus as much as virtuous behavior is vital; parents need to factor in the needs of the children while administering punishment.

In the visions of change, the son recounts the negative effects of the father’s punishment and does not live a comfortable life. The psychological implications are undoubtedly immense as they make him to recoil to another world and lose control of his personality as well as identity. This implies that punishment needs to be administered effectively in order to yield optimal results. Failure to limit this and make it flexible is likely to have lasting adverse effects on the child.

In ‘The Upward Spiral’, the author’s assertion that change occurs in a harmonic manner can be contested. In this respect, it should be appreciated that humans are social beings who are endowed with different capacities. This is advantageous because then they are able to complement each other. However, it is notable that lack of homogeneity culminates to different conflicts. These stem from the various limitations that characterize human nature and behavior. Likewise, change of behavior is likely to yield conflicting situations as values and ideals would conflict.

Richard Bach’s “One”, Chapter Ten

Seemingly, there is a link between humans and their world of spirits. More often than not, a close relationship with the spirit to the extent of interacting with the same requires that respective humans assume virtuous behavior. In this chapter, this is likened to purity and the ability to uphold values and virtues that are presented by the spirit world.

Leonard Cohen “Poetry and Song”

In ‘A Thousand Deep Kisses”, it can be deduced that love is an emotive feeling that drives the individuals involved in their own world. However, the concept of ‘happily ever after’ can be contested because of the fact that such emotions just last for a very short period of time. The lyric ‘Anthem’ provides solace for individuals who face various challenges when upholding patriotism. Citizens in this regard need to lay emphasis on the relative beneficial effects and carry on the respective activities persistently. With respect to democracy, it can be ascertained that this state has not been attained by the American society. This can be attributed to the inherent inequalities that characterize the population; only the middle and upper class are involved in governance. As such, the needs of the minority are not addressed accordingly. By referring to be biblical personalities, ‘Hallelujah’ succeeds in informing the society that power leads to triumph and it is spiritually inclined.

Wittman’s “Sing the Body Electric”

The human body in this respect is complex yet intricate and each part has a vital role to play in the existence of humanity. There is also an apparent relationship between the human soul and body. All these need to exist in harmony in order to enable humans to perform different functions in an effective manner.