Critical Analysis the movie gangster squad

Critical Analysis the movie gangster squad






Gangster squad is a captivating series that is action packed with the major theme being conspiracy. This film is well arranged as the events flow smoothly making it interesting and easy to understand. Gangster squad has incorporated various movie aspects and this makes it to have a nice flow. These series has taken care of all factors and this make it to be captivating. Even though it is an action movie, children can watch under parental guidance because there is a lot of education to be learnt from the movie. Gangster squad has connected various factors of film shooting making in to be one of the most interesting series.

Story Telling

Gangster squad movie is about an elite police squad that is fighting to save Los Angeles from a power hungry mobster. Mickey Cohen is a Jewish gangster who is a professional boxer and his brutal ambition has earned him respect from the Italian mob. Cohen has put all the judges and police chiefs in his pockets thus he conducts illegal businesses in the city without fear. LAPD chief parker assembles a team of honest cops who will assist him in burning down Cohen’s empire. It is through his pregnant wife assistance that he is able to assemble a perfect team.


Gangster squad is an action movie that can be viewed by all ages of people. It contains packed action, and interesting story lines that makes a person not to move out at the television. Many characters have different responsibilities in the movie. Each character plays a significant role in the plot of the movie. Gangster squad is acted in a way that combines technology and reality making the movie to be more interesting.

Scenes in the movie are not located in one area as the characters move at different locations in the world. This makes it more interesting because the people watching travel together with the characters in the movie. The acting process considers different time locations as the scenes overlaps each other. The movie follows a scene of day and night and this makes it to me more real. The stands in the movie are not too much exaggerated like in other movies, which makes it to be more interesting.


Very intelligent people make the movie Gangster squad because it has taken care of all areas. The pictures in the movie are well connected and join very well to each other. The movie pictures have taken care of the background of the filming process because it reflects what is going on. Characters wear costumes that fit well in their acting position. For instance, the director of squad is always wearing a suit and the agents are in training suit during their training session.

Script in the film follow each other well with each character is well acquainted to his versions. The movie Gangster squad is sensitive to technology because even the materials used in acting are well advanced (Fleischer, 2013). The sound system is well connected to the scene as it tells the watcher the situation of the scene. When there is danger, a different sound symbolizes fear. The sound in the series is well connected to the events as they appear in real life. When a bus is passing the sound of an engine in heard at the background of the movie. When there are shoot out the sound of gun shots are heard at the back ground of the movie.


The movie is well edited, as there are no unnecessary scenes that may make the movie monotonous. The movie is brought out well from the beginning and there are no repetitions of scenes. This ensures that the movie has a systematic flow from the beginning to the end. Editing ensures that the unwanted parts that may make the movie boring are rectified or they are removed to make it perfect. The pictures are very clear, they connect to each other well, and this makes them to overlap perfectly.

The movie is perfectly edited as the pace in which the pictures are moving is well connected to the sounds. Both the pictures and the movies are moving at the same pace and this allows people to follow the scenes smooth. Even though editing is one of the most difficult parts in making a movie, editors of the movie Gangster squad have done a recommendable job. The stuns in this series are well edited making them to appear real. Some movies do not edit their stunts well and this makes the film to appear as exaggerated. Gangster squad has stunts that are well edited and this makes the movie to be more interesting.


Sound in the movie Gangster squad is perfectly connected to the action-taking place in this series. The sound reflects what is going on in the background of the movie. For instances, incases of shot outs gunshots are heard at the background. This sound is very important because it gives people watching clear picture of the situation. Sound in the movie is well intertwined to pictures as they flow together and this makes the film more captivating.

Sound is an important aspect to this movie because people are able to interpret the pictures. The movie Gangster squad is able to change the sound systems in different parts of the movie. This is because sound tells us more what is going on in a particular scene (Fleischer, 2013). Gangster squad movie is rated as a good movie because its sound system is well connected to the pictures and scenes. Sounds ensure that any dialogue is well understood and makes people to interpret what is going to happen next.

Style and Directing

Gangster squad movie has used modern styles as it has incorporated technology in its shooting. The style connects past and current ways of shooting the movie. Mixing of the past and current style is interesting because it makes the movie to be more interesting. The style used in Gangster squad ensures all aspects are well coordinated and there is flow in the movie. This style makes Gangster squad to be more interesting as people watch. The style used in Gangster squad connects all the characters and this makes the movie revolve at one theme.

The movie is directed in a manner by which different groups contribute to the perfection of the movie. It has a producer who has coordinated the production process of the movie. There are people who coordinate the sounding system of the series to ensure that the sounds are perfect. Gangster squad has specific people who are involved with the scripts of the movie. It also has people who edit the pictures and this has ensured that this movie is flowing. When the process of directing is divided into different parts this makes the film making process to be well coordinated.


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