Critical analysis of the article, A Matter of Life and Death

Critical analysis of the article, A Matter of Life and Death





Critical analysis of the article, A Matter of Life and Death


The article, A Matter of Life and Death, highlight medical cases in the western nations where medical professionals perform medical surgery on their patients in order to save their lives despite serious complications, which may arise from such operations. There are two possible discussion questions from these articles. The questions are as following; are the medical experts obliged to take such actions without the consent of the patients or their partners? Is this form of treatment fair to the patients since they are not originally from the US?


The author takes his readers through research findings from one chapter to another with each chapter dealing with each issue at a time. For instance, he uses the first chapter to mention the families involved or families who have undergone these vices/ practices. This technique of the author using each chapter to introduce and analyze the topic of discussion helps the readers to take their time and understand the author`s point and arguments without much hustle. It shows that the author is sensitive and has the interests of his readers or audiences at heart. It implies that, the author yearns to be understood by anyone who reads his article. From this first analysis of the author`s style of writing, it is evident that he is a good writer and has good analysis skills. His analysis skills are expressed in his mode and style of writing and argument.

In the article, the author uses each chapter to support the next one throughout the article. For instance, the second chapter to some extent relies on the first one. The third chapter also relies on the second one and so forth. This style of writing is well calculated as it takes the audiences from step to another without much confusion. This style of writing works better for the audiences since it does not exhaust or derail them. This makes the readers or the audiences to enjoy the readings keeping them glued to the article until he or she finishes reading the piece. This also shows that the writer or author of the article has good oratory and writing skills since he engages his audiences from one-step to another.

Despite these good writing skills, the author made some fallacy while writing or researching for resources in order to come up with the article. For instance, he does not exhaust all the areas required in order for the audiences to synthesize and understand some parts of the article. For instance in the second chapter where the author gives account of the events where the patients who underwent medical surgery, he only gives brief information about the events. Some of the information from these chapters may be vague making it difficult for the audiences to understand the concept of the said chapter. The writer ought to have given a more detailed account of the events, which took place using simple and clear language understandable to the audiences.


From this analysis and review of the article, A Matter of Life and Death, it is evident to that the writer of the article has good writing skills. This is portrayed by his writing styles where he displays an organized mode of writing. For instance, he uses each chapter at a time to relay his points to the audience in a simple and organized manner. The author also uses a style by which each subsequent chapter depends on the previous one throughout the article. This makes it simple for the readers to keep track of each event throughout the reading. This makes the article a well-calculated piece. The form of treatment imposed on these patients is not fair since they are sidelined since they are natives of the US.