Criminal justice, the merger of UWEAR and PALEDENIM

Criminal justice, the merger of UWEAR and PALEDENIM

Criminal justice




Criminal justice

Merger is a combination of two or more companies by exchanging of file and other resources and offering share holders of one company for the purpose of doing business and enhancing security and increasing profits and productivity. (LaFasto, 2010) For companies to merger, there are a lot of things that needs to be considered in all the merging companies, they need to be in related businesses, doing the same things or all most the most things, they need to consider the aims and purposes of all the companies and after the companies merge they need to work together, help employees understand that they are now one company that needs developments, revise the way all the employees were working on their individual firm and come up with roles and a policy that will be followed by all the employees, identify ways to make the employees work together, come up with motivation strategies that will encourage the employees to work hard and smart (Larson, 2009).

After the merger, UWEAR and PALEDENIM work as one firm now and they should do everything to grow together. Policy development involves gathering of information, data and even consulting and reviewing. Identification of needs is one way of developing a policy, after you have identified needs of the company you need to give responsibility to specific employees who can handle it. A policy helps in consulting all the stakeholders and according to the needs of their company you can be able to come up with ways and procedures the can be followed by all parties. For both companies to work together, you need to put in place ways to monitor employee’s performance and attendance in the work place. First, you can come up with ways like introducing software that will be put on the entrance and every employee will be given a key card that he or she will be using to get in and get of the premises. This system will be monitoring when the employee has come to work and at what time he or she has left in the evening. For them to follow, they will be told that according to the numbers of hours they have been at work is how they will be paid. If you came to work at eight and left at eleven, then you will be paid for three hour; if you came to work at eight and left at six pm then you will be paid for ten hours. This system will help employees to work hard (Huitt, 2006).

The best team at work should have the following attribute attributes; good behavior, team players, and good relationship with work mate, good decision making and problem solving skills, good anger management skills. This is some of the methods required to help UWEAR and PALEDENIM work together as a team and also help employees work hard. The management should help employees to improve on decision making techniques and also have the ability to solve problems, according to the techniques the they identify on each employee, they should be able to support individual differences and also identify what every employee can handle and what they can handle (Larson, 2009).


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