Criminal Investigation. Rand’s recommendations

Criminal Investigation. Rand’s recommendations





Criminal Investigation

Detective Smith has been investigating the suspect for some time now as he has been suspected to be a terrorist and yes, she has a reasonable suspicion to stop the suspect and question him based on the activities he does especially the secrets meetings he holds in the state capital building each time in short intervals the pictures he takes and the expensive and luxuries life he lives. Criminals such as terrorists have secretive lives, and their dealings are never clear. In this regard, the suspect’s behavior gives him away.

The seeming expensive lifestyle lived by the yet another cause for action. The suspect lives in an expensive motel, wears expensive clothing, eats expensively in expensive restaurants and lives an expensive and comfortable life, yet he has no specific or any known job. His sources of income are thus not clear. He, however, could be earning a lot to money through involvement in criminal terrorism activities.

The company he keeps and their movements are also strange and commonly associated with terrorism activities. He gets strange visits from other Middle-Eastern young men who bring him packages in secrecy that look suspicious. One particular day the suspect is seen carrying a briefcase, a scene which is very suspicious since it is something he has never done before. He enters the state capitol building and comes out one hour letter without the briefcase. It can be assumed that the suspect had been investigating the building while plotting a terrorist attack. When he came with the briefcase, he can be assumed to have been carrying an explosive and must have left it in the building at a point he had chosen during his excursions.

This seems like an illegal deal transaction that had just been made, and serious measure’s need to be taken to take control of the situation. In order for inspector Smith to relive herself from the suspicions, the best solution is to call for back up to avoid any accident and since maybe the suspect could not be alone and ambush him. This will help control the situation and avoid any future problems if at all the business is illegal. Facing the suspect head on will be the only one best way to solve the problem.