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Crime Scene Report

Agency: Hagerstown Police DepartmentPage # 1 of 2

Case #: 98-108597Report Date: 08/01/07

Laboratory # CS-04-04

Ref: Suspicious Death, 123 West Main Street.

On entering the crime scene, there was male body lying on its side on a bed located at the center of the room. The bed was covered by a satin blue sheet which had some blood stains on it. There was a night stand positioned on the west wing of the room on the left side of the bed, on top of the night stand, there was a lamp, phone and a time clock. As per the clock, it was thirty minutes past nine. A rifle which was slightly covered by a pillow could be easily seen on the floor next to the bed and the night stand. On the east side of the room, there was a television set placed on top of another night stand. Under the television set, lied a written piece of paper. Next to the television set, a dust bin with crumpled pieces of paper in it could also be seen. On the northern side of the room, there was an empty box on the floor. Next to the empty box, there stood a night stand with a radio set, bottle of an alcoholic drink and empty drinking glass. Three pens, a pencil and a lamp were also placed on top of the night stand.

In order to get a general feel of the crime scene, I walked through the room. This was just to find out whether anyone had tampered with anything before my arrival. This also vital I n the creation of original theories based on the visual assessment. During the walk through, nothing was touched. The main idea of the walk through was just to get the general picture of what might have occurred. Potential evidences were duly noted at this stage. A second walk through was conducted where the scene was documented. This was done through taking of pictures and the drawing of sketches. During this stage, nothing was tampered with. After the second walk through, potential evidences were collected and stored safely according to the law. This was done so as to preserve the evidence. A thorough search commenced immediately after the second walk through. A zonal search was employed in order to thoroughly search the crime scene. The scene was divided in to four sectors. These sectors were namely the west, east, north and southern wing. The collection of physical evidence was carried during this stage. All evidences collected were immediately preserved, tagged and logged in properly recorded. The following evidences were collected.


Exhibit # Evidence Where located

1 Stained blue bed sheets Bed

2 Cell phone Night stand

3 Pen one Hairdresser

4 Clear drinking glass Dresser

5 Liquor bottle Dresser

6 Paper with hand writing TV table

7 Crumpled paper Waste basket

8 Fire arm( rifle) Floor

9 Finger print Jaen

10 Pencil Dresser

11 Pen 3 Dresser

12 Pen 2 Dresser

13 Witness GSR Jaen

14 Decorative pillow Floor

15 Pillow 2 Floor

16 Waste basket Floor

17 Blood sample Jaen

18 Witness fiber Jaen

Laboratory Report

Bed sheet: stained blue sheets

Test #1: results of analysis:

The stain present on the bed sheet tested positive for the presence of human blood. DNA was extracted from the pillow under head and compared with the known DNA sample of Robert Allen Jones. To a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, It was determined that the source of the DNA on this exhibit originated from Robert Allen Jones.

Trace Evidence Analysis

Seven hairs were recovered from the sheets. These hairs were determined to be of human origin. Five of the hairs are consistent in microscopic characteristics with hair exemplars of Robert. Two of the hairs are consistent in microscopic characteristics with red-hair exemplars of miss Daugh.

Gunshot residue analysis

The test was performed on the samples recovered near where the pillow was located. Numerous particles unique

Cell phone

Cell phone analysis

No voice mail messages were found. The account of this phone is the name of Robert Allen Jones. An attempt is being made to obtain the telephone records for the phone.


Finger print analysis

Three partial latent prints containing sufficient friction ridge skin patterns to be of value for comparison/ identification purposes were identified on the submitted water glass. Latent prints were identified as originating from right thumb, right index, and right ring finger or Robert.

Forensic biology

Swab samples from the rim of the submitted water glass yielded positive results for presence of saliva. DNA was extracted from this exhibit and compared to known DNA samples of Robert Allen. To a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, it was determined that the DNA on this exhibit originated from Robert Allen Jones

Toxicology for drugs and alcohol

No positive results yielded

Liquor bottle

Finger print analysis

Three partial latent prints containing sufficient friction ridge skin patterns to be of value

For comparisons purposes were identified. The finger prints belonged to Robert.

Forensic Biology

Swab samples from the mouth of the submitted liquor yielded positive results for presence of saliva. The DNA matched that of Robert.


Finger print analysis

The finger print found on the note matched that of Robert.

Fire arm

Forensic biology

Stain present on the riffle yielded positive results for presence of human blood. The DNA sample matched that one of Robert.

Trace evidence analysis

Two hairs were recovered from the rifle. The hairs were determined to of human origin. They were consistent with head-hair exemplars from Robert.

Gunshot residue analysis

Numerous particles unique to the Gunshot residue were identified on the rifle. This indicated that the rifle had not been cleaned after being fired last.

Firearm examination

The firearm was tested. The rifle is operational and no safety defects were detected, the submitted projectile from the deceased at autopsy compared to the projectile that was test fired, it was determined that the projectile recovered from the deceased was fired from the riffle.

Witness fiber

Trace evidence

No fibers matching Jaen were discovered within the crime scene

Gunshot residue analysis

This test yielded no useful result

Witness fingerprints

Fingerprint analysis

No finger print matching jaen were discovered within the crime scene.

Witness GSR

Forensic Biology

The test yielded no result.


Due to lack of evidence that pointed towards the direction of Jaen having committed the crime, only one conclusion was arrived at. All evidence pointed that this was suicide because all the DNA samples collected belonged to Robert

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