Crime Fighting Strategy

Crime Fighting Strategy

Crime Fighting Strategy


What is crime? Many definitions have been provided to define crime. There are many variations depending on what the type of crime committed. Therefore crime is based on anything that is contrary to the criminal justice of any nation or country. Crime is an offence committed by an individual against the state laws or set of conditions that protect basic the community. The society is made of certain aspects that maintain and manage order amongst its members. In order to maintaining peace, unit and harmony Smartt, U. (2006), it was devised to implement various clauses that explain what is to be carried out if a crime is committed, therefore a criminal justice system is developed. Therefore crime can be an offence that is punishable by the law.

Therefore due to the existence of a criminal justice system it has become efficiency to uphold the trend of punishing law offender and criminals. Therefore a criminal justice is the grouping of various governmental set standards and institutions that uphold the common agenda of maintaining peace and order in the society. Through the various institutions that have been established by the government are, court systems that are used to pass judgment to various criminal offenders, correctional facilities that act as basic institutions, to provide discipline and keep out of dangerous individuals from the public and society. Finally there are law enforcers such as the police, military personnel and other justice institutions that make the laws for punishing individuals with criminal intent, Smartt, U. (2006). 

In order for the criminal justice to exist, it has become essential to implement certain crime fighting strategies that can act as means of maintaining order and peace in a society without using the power of law. Consequently in order to safely implement these criminal justice systems, it has developed different strategies that maintain the aspect of developing a better means and way of controlling crime. There are many strategies that have been used by various systems in order to control crime in the community. Since there are many reasons that may certainly force individuals to break laws and standards set by various community leaders and their government, it is therefore important to establish leadership and responsibility forums that seek to educate everybody on how to be responsible, Baker, T. E. (2009).

Crime Educating Forum

This is a better strategy in the current dynamic world. It creates a better understanding of the world of criminal justice in any responsible governmental, Keyes, L. C. (1992). . There are many strategies that cannot be quantified as providing a person with the knowledge of making reason ahead of everything. Others may argue that anybody with a better reasoning can still commit a crime. Therefore it is important to develop a reasonably means of developing a criminal justice that first educates the society of the importance of maintaing a crime free society. In the community development there are rules that engage various people about the responsibility of following rules and set standards, Baker, T. E. (2009). Therefore the policy behind this strategy is to outsource the many resources of law and criminal justice in order to educate the public on what is to be done when certain measures are broken. Regardless of the crime committed, correctional means may differ depending on the crime committed. Therefore with first hand information and a department committed to creating a better and crime free society, this is the perfect policy that will seek every person and individual in upholding an outstanding criminal justice system.

Purpose of this policy

The main objective of developing this policy is to educate the public and society on the importance of developing a well educated and fundamental society that upholds law. In order to encompass a community or society, it has become fundamental and essential to form an educative program that can be integrated into our society’s common agendas. This will create a better frontal that helps in maintaining the balance of leadership and justice. How does one improve the desire of maintain a better society? Education has become a paramount resource nowadays that will maintain order and harmony, Keyes, L. C. (1992). .

Theory of the policy

There are many theories that cab grouped in the study towards achieving and proposing this policy. In order to oversee the power of knowledge it is important to gain understanding and then acting on the conscience of that idea. Committing crime cannot be regarded as the fundamental idea of lacking reasoning and power of making sound decisions. Therefore this is a policy developed from the theory of knowledge and understanding the consequences of committing a certain crime, Keyes, L. C. (1992). Furthermore it is encouraging to learn that among the many strategies that have been developed they are all based on achieving the integrity of the society and criminal justice. Passing judgment can be seen as thing of integrity and not persuasion.

Anticipated benefits

The strategy should be able to provide basic ideas about developing a resourceful atmosphere and community that seeks the power of knowledge and unity. Taking into account the many reasons and beliefs about criminal justice, through better understanding and following of the rules, will help achieve an integral justice system. This system will be viewed with an idea that is essential and for the betterment of the community.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the policy

The policy has many ideas and advantages that can be viewed as means to promote the general community. Therefore some of the benefits will include;

Developing a better society that understands the common goals of justice

To avoid and reduce the number of crime offenders in the community

To enhance integration and cohesion among society members

To enhance the importance of objectivity and justice for the society, Keyes, L. C. (1992). 

Although there are many benefits, it may have contrary effects on the society

Although education is fundamental, it can’t cure ignorance that many societies face about leadership and the power or rules.

Educating every individual in the society may be a tedious work that many volunteer may deem unnecessary

Sometimes education may be different interpreted by many people hence it may lack meaning to others

Not all community members are literate to understand the concept being presented, Keyes, L. C. (1992).

Implementation plan

How can the community and government implement this educating policy? There are many issues that many governmental bodies can use to implement this policy. The government and justice institutions may integrate this policy through education forums in the public and schools. Presenting different talk shows in the public and community gathering is a better way of creating cohesion and integration among community society. Hosting public forums is essential in developing a clear resource center, Baker, T. E. (2009). This resource center will have sufficient resources and educating the society about crime and its effects if not well developed and monitored. Employing community volunteers to educate society from one area to another in order to implement the common goal of teaching and educating the public about law and crime.


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