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Credit Suisse Business Plan

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ABN: [26 144 592 183]

ACN: [144 592 183]

[Credit Suisse]

Business Plan

Prepared: February 27, 2013

Table of Contents

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Business Plan SummaryThe BusinessBusiness name: Credit Suisse.

Business structure: company.

ABN: 26 144 592 183.

ACN: 144 592 183.

Business location: 2000 NSW

Date established: June, 11,, 2010

Business owner(s): It is a public limited company.

Relevant owner experience: The directors of the company have a long standing reputation in the financial services sector.

Products/services:[The Company is involved in, and the provision of corporate banking and financial products. However, it does not provide retail banking to small scale customers

The MarketTarget market:

The target in this report is the retail customers and small scale business people, Credit Suisse is a big company and it is capable of attracting consumer confidence.

Marketing strategy:

The company will use aggressive marketing strategy when introducing the new product to the market. According to this strategy, the bank will do heavy advertising of the product immediately it launches in the market. This will work by convincing people to use the services, and also because the company has an already established goodwill.

The FutureVision statement:

To become the world’s most admired bank, renowned for our expertise in Private Banking & Wealth Management, including Asset Management, and Investment Banking and most valued for our advice, innovation and execution


Open, respectful workplace that encourages people to work together and with our clients to deliver superior products, services and results and support the success and prosperity of our stakeholders

The FinancesThe company will fund the entire project because it is already a going concern, and it is doing well in the market. The cost of the project is not expected to be enormous because there are no accompanying overheads. The project should result into marginal profits of about 1 million Euros (Credit Suisse, 2012).

The BusinessBusiness detailsProducts/services: The new services of the company will entail the provision of loans and other financial form of credit to small scale entrepreneurs.

Registration detailsBusiness name: Credit Suisse

Trading name(s): Credit Suisse Australia

Date registered: 1896

Location(s) registered: Zurich

Business structure: company.

ABN: 26 144 592 183

ACN: 144 592 183

GST: Yes. The company is registered. It registered in 1st July 2002.

Domain names: Credit Suisse Australia

Licences & permits: Registration licence from Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority.

Business premisesBusiness location: The business is located in 1 Macquarie place, Sydney. However, the company will implement its retail banking proposal in stages, and it will start on the bank which is in New South Wales. This bank is strategically placed, being in the middle of the city. The bank will attract many small scale traders because many people around its locality are retail tradesmen. The retail traffic is good which is also advantageous to the banks new proposal. The bank is already operational, and it has a large building to conduct its operations. Therefore, the bank will dedicate some of its rooms to the retail banking business which is to be introduced.

Buy/lease: The Company bought itself a building. It no longer leases properties from third parties.

Organisation chartOutline your business structure in the chart below.

190500076200Mr Rainer Gut

Honorary Chairman

Mr Rainer Gut

Honorary Chairman

68389534925Mr Urs Rohner


Mr Urs Rohner


320040034925Peter Brabeck

Vice- Chairman

Peter Brabeck

Vice- Chairman

52705116840Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Organisation Chart.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Organisation Chart.

Management & ownershipNames of owners: The company is a limited liability public company. The major shareholders are Capital Group Companies Inc., Blackrock Inc, Franklin resources, Harris and Associates, Dodge & Cox, Norges Bank, Olayan Group and Qatar Holdings LLC.

Details of management & ownership: The company is a limited liability company which boosts a large number of public shareholders. The shareholders have bestowed the management of the company to a few able managers. The managers are responsible for the day to day running of the company, and they are also responsible to the shareholders.

Experience: The business owners are many as the company is public limited company. However, the managers of the various sectors of the company are experienced persons in the management and running of financial institutions.

Key personnelThere are over 10,000 employees of credit Suisse Company worldwide. All employees are experienced and highly qualified for the various positions they hold.

Job Title Name Expected staff turnover Skills or strengths

Chairman Mr. Urs Romner 5 years He has worked for many years in the finance industry. He has a wide experience in banking, finance and business in general.

C.E.O Mr. Brady Dougan 10 years He has an M.B.A in Finance and an M.A in economics. He has served in many companies as the Chief Executive Office. He has extensive experience in management and finance.

Required staff

[List your required staff in the table below.]

Job Title Quantity Expected staff turnover Skills necessary Date required

Retail Credit manager [1] [2-3 years] Doctoral qualification in Credit management. Practical experience in many financial companies required. June 2013

Credit Officers 5 2-3 years Doctoral qualifications in Credit management. Notable practical experience in credit management June 2013

Tellers 35 2-3 years Degree in credit management from recognised universities. They should also have practical experience in working in banks June 2013

Recruitment options

The company will invite applications from able members of the public to fill the positions of the manager and the credit officers. The advertisements will be in daily newspapers, as well as on the company websites. Some of the tellers will be recruited from outside the bank, while other will be sourced from the various departments which the bank have.

Training programs

The positions which are advertised are common positions and there should be no problem getting the required manpower for the bank. However, after recruitment, the company will have to conduct training of the selected few on job specific matters as well passing on the culture of the organisation.

Skill retention strategies

The staff will be provided with contract letters which will clearly stipulate the terms of service. The contracts so provided, will aid the employees on what is required of them by the bank. The bank also has a culture in which the current staffs are always encouraged to further their studies whenever the opportunity arises. They are also encouraged to undertake self directed learning whenever the situation allows. The company also organises learning conferences for its employees from time to time, to update the employees on any current changes in the industry.

Products/servicesProduct/Service Description Price

[Product/service name] [Brief product/service description] [Price including GST]

Retail banking This is a service which the bank will give to small scale businessmen and entrepreneurs. The bank has always done corporate banking. Retail Credit facilities The bank will award loans and other financial services to the small scale entrepreneurs and businessmen. This service will also include offering financial advice to the small scale business persons, on how to manage their businesses and accumulate savings. Market position: The services which will be provided by the bank are budget services. The competitors in this kind of service will be small upcoming banks and the bank will have a competitive edge over them because of its size and the established brand name.

Unique selling position: The Company has the competitive edge in the retail banking sector because of its already established brand name. The bank is also huge which various branches around the world. This will instil some sense of confidence to the consumers.

Anticipated demand: The anticipated demand for the product is high.

Pricing strategy: The bank has no particular marketing strategy which it will use in the new service. The bank will adopt the pricing which is usually used in the market by other banks, and modify it to suit the needs of the bank (Credit Suisse, 2013b).

Value to customer: The bank will provide very valuable services to the customers. The services are valuable because they can improve the economic and the living standards of the customers.

Growth potential: The growth is expected to grow at a high rate, and stabilize after 3 or so years.


Research & development (R&D)/innovation activities

The sector of the bank dealing with retail credit management will involve the customers in their day to day business activities. It will get positive feedback from the customers and incorporate these feedbacks and suggestions in their future activities.

Intellectual property strategy

The bank name is registered as a trademark. There is also a confidentiality agreement which is signed by the employees when they are signing their contracts of employment letters.

InsuranceWorkers compensation: The Company has existing workers compensation insurance for its existing employees. All the company has to do is to include the employees who are due to be employed in the insurance policy. A workers compensation policy is paramount because it releases the bank of the obligation to pay compensations to employees who are injured in the course of duty, or those whose services are prematurely terminated.

Public liability insurance: The Company also has a public liability insurance, which works like a third party insurance. It absolves the company any liability it may have to the public due to negligence on their staff.

Professional indemnity: The Company has a professional indemnity cover. This is because one of the services offered by the bank to its customers is professional advice. Should this advice causes a loss to any third party, the cover will absolve the company from any liability.

Product liability: The Company has no product liability cover. This is because it only offers services and not goods to the public.

Business assets: The Company’s assets are insured against any unforeseeable event which may occur, such as fire, burglary, and violence. The assets which have been insured include buildings, vehicles and furniture and fittings and computers.

Business revenue: The Company has no business revenue cover.

Risk management[List the potential risks (in order of likelihood) that could impact your business.]

Risk Likelihood Impact Strategy

Interest rate risk Likely Medium Interest rate risk is an inherent risk in any banking and financial institution. The bank can mitigate this risk by obtaining derivatives and other hedging instruments.

Systemic risk Unlikely High This is the risk that failure of other financial institutions will affect the institution. There is no way in which the bank can mitigate this because it is caused by external factors.

Credit risk Highly likely High The bank can mitigate this risk by obtaining an insurance cover which covers its bad and doubtful debts.

Operational risk Likely High The bank is to establish strong internal controls which ensure that the operations of the bank run in accordance to stipulated operational guidelines. The internal controls should also be strong enough so as to detect any frauds which may be committed.

Legal considerations

These legislations have an impact on the way the bank will operate.

Banking Act 1974

Bankruptcy Act 1966

Cheques Act 1986

Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997

Future Fund Act 2006

Securities Industry Act 1980

Trusts Act 1991

OperationsProduction processThere is no production process as such. The bank gets its revenue through lending of money to customers. Revenue comes from the interests it charges (Credit Suisse, 2012b).


There are no suppliers because there are no raw materials required. This is a service industry

Plant & equipment These assets only relate to the banking division which is going to be established by the bank

Equipment Purchase date Purchase price Running cost

50 Computers February, 21 2013 $35,000 –

10 Vehicles February, 21 2013 $100,000 $6000

Furniture and fittings February, 21 2013 $8,000 –

Miscellaneous February, 21 2013 $5,000 –


There is no inventory in this company because it is in the service industry.

Inventory item Unit price Quantity in stock Total cost

Technology (Software): The Company does not require any new software, because the ones which have been operational are custom made to perform any task which may need to be performed by the company. The software which the company uses is accounting software, website, and customised banking software. Since the software serves all the branches of the bank, it is not possible to attach a price to each of the software.

Trading hours: The credit department of the bank will open its doors to the public at 8:00am -5:00pm from Monday through to Friday. The bank will also open on Saturday mornings to accommodate those who do their businesses on weekends

Communication channels: The bank has sufficient communication channels for its customers. When the issue to be communicated is critical, the customers can call the banks hotline which is available 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Any other feedback or enquiry can be made on the banks website and drop boxes on the banking lobby. Customers can also write to the bank when the circumstances call for such action.

Payment types accepted: Cash, Credit and Cheques. Bank transfer options will also be considered.

Credit policy: There is no credit policy which has been put in place by the bank. This is because it does not offer its goods on credit.

Warranties & refunds: There are also no warranties and refunds which are involved in the business. This is because the company is in the service industry.

Quality control: The bank has followed the banking prudential guidelines which have been provided by APRA. The bank also welcomes feedback from its customers about service satisfaction, and then act accordingly, adjusting where the situation call.

Memberships & affiliations: Yes. The bank is a member of Australian Bankers Association.

Sustainability planEnvironmental/resource impacts

The company will not have any adverse effects on the environment. However, it has to be wary about waste disposal as well as conservation of natural resources.

Community impact & engagement

The company will not have any adverse effects on the community surrounding the bank.


Should there be an impact on the community, it should be noted that this will affect the brand image of the company. Customer loyalty may also be compromised.


The company will conduct an environmental audit assessment in order to find out the extent of the impact. The audit assessment will enable the company to device ways in which to tackle the risks.

Action plan

Sustainability milestone Target Target date

Reduce water consumption

20% reduction December, 2013

Increase on natural power use like solar energy 30% increase December, 2013

The MarketMarket research

The statistical research which was undertaken was theoretical in nature, and it entailed the study of trends and performances of various banks in the Australian market.

Market targetsIt is hoped that 1 million retail accounts will be opened by the end of the year.

Environmental/industry analysisThe banking industry in Australia has stabilised over the years. It has been a source of economic growth in the country for a number of years. Most banks in Australia provide specialised services, with 21 banks providing retail banking. However, the 21 banks which provide retail banking are relatively small banks. Large banks prefer doing corporate and international accounts. This leaves a dent in the retail banking sector because the relatively small banks are facing scepticism from customers. The country is also boasting of international and foreign banks which have come to set up in Australia. They provide the much needed FDI for the country (Credit Suisse, 2013).

There is a potential for retail banking for large banks. This is where Credit Suisse bank is planning to take advantage of.

Your customers

Customer demographics

The target customers for this business venture are small scale businessmen who need a bank to bank their money, and to also get financial support. The customers could be young or old, but is predicted that most of the customers will fall between the ages of 28-45 years. These customers are spread all over, and it is difficult to point out a precise place where the bank can get an advantage.

Key customers

Businessmen and small scale entrepreneurs

Customer management

The bank will follow its existing code of conduct for serving customers. The bank will ensure customer retention by being loyal to the customers, and provide high quality services to them. The bank also hopes to take active interest in their customer concerns addressing each of their concern.

S.W.O.T. analysis[List each of your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats in the table below and then outline how you plan to address each of the weaknesses/threats.]

Strengths Weaknesses

Strong and committed workforce- The Company employs only highly qualified and experienced workforce. This is a positive attribute for the company because it will be able to provide quality services to its customers.

Strong internal controls- the company has set up strong internal controls, and this will minimise the incidences of operational risks.

Able management- The Company has a strong management team, which is composed of renowned individuals in the financial services industry.

The company also boasts of strong liquidity and a large capital base- this means that the company is capable of meeting its current obligations as and when they arise without liquidating its assets (Yousigma, 2013). The company has reported a high amount of expenses in their financial statements and these have a negative impact on the profitability of the venture.

Opportunities Threats

The company has branches and outlets in various countries. This has increased its consumer base, and this is likely to contribute to positive marketing of the retail business to be started.

The company has also maintained a good brand image of its existing products. This will aid in the marketing of the new product as well as in customer retention.

The company is also the only big company which is endeavouring to start providing services in small scale retail banking. This will work in its favour because it is likely to gain customer confidence (Yousigma, 2013). There is a looming threat of competition from the upcoming banks. There are over twenty banks which have taken an interest in the retail banking and credit sector.

The financial market is also unpredictable, especially after the financial recession which led to losses for many financial service providers. There is, therefore, lack of certainty on whether the venture will be successful or not.

Your competitorsOn the retail credit provision, the company would rate highly because the other players in the field are smaller banks. The bank can be rated at number 2.

Competitor details

[List at least 5 competitors in the table below.]

Competitor Established date Size Market share (%) Value to customers Strengths Weaknesses

[Competitor name] [When were they established?] [Number of staff and/or turnover] [Estimated percentage of market share] [Unique value to customers. E.g. convenience, quality, price or service?] [What are your competitor’s main strengths?] [What are your competitor’s main weaknesses?]

ANP Limited 1849 — 2% Provides a wide array of services Extensive international presence It has not specialised in any specific investment, and it is too general

Bank of Queensland 1942 — 5% Excellence customer service Heavy local presence The bank has very minimal international presence

Bankwest 1945 — 2% The prices of their services are quite affordable when compared to other banks The bank has specialised in customer friendly services, like the provision of the Bankwest Regular Saver account for individuals. Facing controversies of predatory characters on its competitor’s clients

Suncorp Group 1996 — 3% Provides a wide array of services Highly specialised financial services It is not clear to the customers whether the bank is a financial service provider, or insurance services provider

Lloyds TSB Bank 1995 after a merger of TSB and Lloyds bank —— 3.5% Provides a wide array of services The bank is very stable financially. The company has had a bad reputation of tax avoidance and money laundering.

Advertising & salesAdvertising & promotional strategy

The company will undertake an aggressive advertising strategy through print as well as digital media.

Planned promotion /advertising type Expected business improvement Cost ($) Target date

Give-aways This will help the company by drawing the attention of the prospective customers to the services which are offered $1,500 December, 2013

Print media It will help to convey information regarding the products to the very many people who access the print media. $10,000 December, 2013

Online media It will give the company international recognition, because internet can be accessed all over the world. $1,000 December, 2013

Social Campaign This will promote a one on one interaction between the bank and the prospective customers. Any ambiguity will be cleared during such an event. $ 2,000 December, 2013

Sales & marketing objectives

There is a sales and marketing department in the bank, and this helps the bank in marketing the company products. They have custom made messages and slogans which they use during such an event (Credit Suisse, 2013c).

Unique selling position

The bank is keen on the production of customer friendly products and those which address a specific consumer needs.

Sales & distribution channels

Channel type Products/services Percentage of sales (%) Advantages Disadvantages

Direct sales Banking services 100 It gives a direct contact between the customer and the bank. The customer gets encouraged in the process. It is not possible to reach a larger number of people. Selling can only be done to the people who come in contact with the staff.

The FutureVision statementTo become the world’s most admired bank, renowned for our expertise in Private Banking & Wealth Management, including Asset Management, and Investment Banking and most valued for our advice, innovation and execution

Mission statementOpen, respectful workplace that encourages people to work together and with our clients to deliver superior products, services and results and support the success and prosperity of our stakeholders

Goals/objectivesService, Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment, Risk culture and Profitability

Action planPlease note: This table does not include sustainability milestones as they are listed in the sustainability section above.

Milestone Date of expected completion Person responsible

Employment of the required staff June , 2013 Human resource department

Furnishing the Retail Credit department June, 2013 Business Development department

Acquiring of Assets June, 2013 Finance Department

Starting Operations July, 2013 The FinancesKey objectives & financial reviewFinancial objectives

Operational cost reduction

Increasing the company profits

Increase liquidity

Shorten the credit turnover days

Finance required

Around $300,000 is required upfront for the financing of company operations. This amount will be obtained from the bank’s reserves because it has been in operation. Obtaining money from outsides will cost the company in terms of interests.

AssumptionsThe financial tables on the subsequent pages are based on the assumptions listed below:

There is no adverse effect on the financial market.

No systemic risk will be faced by the company

The action plan will be implemented as stated above

The venture will receive a positive reception from the customers.

Start-up costs for [YEAR]

[Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own start up costing sheet at the back of this business plan.]

EMBED Excel.Sheet.8

Balance sheet forecast

[Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own Balance sheet forecast at the back of this business plan]

EMBED Excel.Sheet.8

Profit and loss forecast[Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own profit & loss sheet at the back of this business plan]

EMBED Excel.Sheet.8

Expected cash flow[Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own expected cash flow sheet at the back of this business plan]

EMBED Excel.Sheet.8

Break-even analysis[Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own table]

EMBED Excel.Sheet.8


Credit Suisse., 2012. Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns. [Online]. Available at: HYPERLINK “” [Accessed 7 March 2013]

Credit Suisse., 2013. Brief Presentation. [Online]. Available at: HYPERLINK “” [Accessed 7 March 2013]

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