Creative Writing Essay Assessment






Creative Writing Essay Assessment

Reading and Writing Strategies: Demonstrate or articulate an understanding of reading or writing strategies and assumptions that guide effective reading or writing, and how to read actively, purposefully, and rhetorically

The writer has listed the strategies used in the essay in general and doesn’t display them in an organized manner. Indeed, reading through the essay, it is not easy for the audience to easily understand hat the intention of the writer without being critical. The essay is dependent on the school of thought of the other bloggers and this is used to make the audience believe on the opinion given about NSA. The writer has not contextualized and developed relevant information for the audience, and has not given any definition for the strategies used and subsequent implementation. Finally, the writer does not appear honest since the other counter opinions are not given in the essay. The writer is dishonest when stating that, “people in the U.S. should be afraid that someone is monitoring their every step while they are in the internet dimension” (p. 4). The statement is meant is meant to create fear among the audience without facts illustrated. The writer therefore does not meet expectations and can be given a score of 4.

Reflection: Demonstrate or articulate meaningful generalizations/reflections about reading and writing practices and processes

The write has listed a number of bloggers who support the school of thought advocated by the essay. However, the writer has focused on the surface issues and does not really give the audience an in-depth of why the issues are really of concern. For example, it is stated that, “The blogger uses an accusatory tone here to make the audiences’ mindset to be the same as the blogger on the issue” (p. 2). Indeed, the blogger is only interested on ensuring that their school of thought prevails without critically explaining to the audience the position taken. Moreover, the facts provided are underdeveloped and appear to be repetitive since the bloggers quoted appear to be reading from the same script. It is could have been useful to bring in other bloggers with dissent opinion for the audience to have a choice and information that could help in knowing where the truth lies. The score to this section will be 3.

Summary/Conversation: Demonstrate summarizing purposefully, Integrate “they say” into writing effectively or self-consciously, and appropriately incorporating quotes into text (punctuation, attributions, relevance).

The writer has employed a good number of sources for use in the essay and this is very significant. Indeed, as can be seen in pages two and three of the essay, the writer has quoted several other bloggers supporting the school of thought of the essay. However, it is significant to indicate that the writer has not adequately incorporated sources of the dissent opinion. Nonetheless, the writer has demonstrated a clear understanding of both in-text and works cited MLA citation style. This section will be given a score of 5.

Rhetoricality: Demonstrate reading and/or writing rhetorically, discussing or considering consciously audience, context, purposes, and/or structural and conceptual continuity (i.e. rhetorical patterns)

The writer has indicated the availability of ideas on the subject of discussion on NSA but the ideas are not organized and despite the recognition of the audience, the writer does not make it easier for the audience to understand the arguments. For example it is not clear to understand what the writer talks about in page 3, “Blogger Gillmor uses a whiny tone to report about if one of the internet companies whom made the NSA program can make a move against the system then our information can be ok.” The statement appears confusing given the opinion stipulated in the essay. Indeed, the analysis made points to a well intended purpose but are underdeveloped. In this section, the writer can be given a score of 3.

Language Coherence: Have developed, unified, and coherent paragraphs and sentences that have clarity and some variety.

This is the section where the writer has done poorly. The writer did not devote enough time in proof reading the work and the paragraphs appear underdeveloped with punctuations marks and spelling mistakes all over. For example, “…NSA program is claiming to do for society is not of what they claimed to use it for the first time” (p. 1), “Another blogger named Saletanuses same method of persuasion to grab his audience about whatthe President of the United States have to say on the issue” (p. 2), “….NSA from have so much power online.” These are just some of the mistakes that are in the essay, this section does not meet the expectations and the score that can be given is 1.