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Many students make the decision of working a part-time job while in school. The process of balancing work/school lifestyle is tricky for the students especially if the student is involved in extracurricular activities. However, finding the time to work while maintaining the 80% average is possible by following these steps;

Having a schedule

Everyone should have their own strategy for success. In order to balance between work and school, the student should find out what works best for him or her and then schedule his/her time accordingly. For instance, the student can plan for a five hour shift, a finished assignment in a day. The student should plan the day and stick to all the schedules.

Avoid destructions

The process of studying with your roommates while some of your friends are playing in the background is good if the student has some hours to spare. Conversely, if the student does not have any hours to spare, the student should turn off the tube and concentrate on hitting the books. On this note….

Stay away from social media such as facebook

Most students can confirm to how quickly one losses hours in the library simply because of social media. For instance, when a student has a job to get to by 4 p.m., this will not work in the student’s favor. Therefore, students should take social media breaks even if this sounds silly.

Be realistic

Most students love the extra cash but the process of working around 40-hours in a week while at the same time attending classes every day is tiresome. Therefore, the student should discuss with his or her boss about the maximum number of hours he or she can work each week. The student should provide his or her employer with a copy of the class schedule for this to work. Notably, most students’ jobs are accommodating and this will encourage the student to prioritize on school.

Utilize the travel time

If it takes around 30 minutes to ride a bus from school to the work place or vice versa, the student should bring some reading material. Even though 30 minutes is not a long time, it creates less 30 minutes of reading which the student would have done latter.


The student should try to make a list of everything that he or she need to get done in the day in the order of importance. Through this way, the things that need to be finished will be. It is important to start with the jobs that require a lot of brainpower. After that, the student will ensure that during the day, he or she can coordinate between the simpler tasks. However, the student can try to mix up a bit the tasks.

In conclusion, students who are working as they study should ensure that they do not work during classes. Late submission of assignments and missing classes can affect the degree of the student. Notably, it takes a great deal of self-discipline to hold down a paid work while keeping on top of the studies. Additionally, the students should give enough time to academics since it is the main reason he or she is there. This means that the student should make academics his or her first priority.