Creating a Plan for Positive Influence






Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Motivation, satisfaction and performance are very crucial in a business setting that aims at achieving its goals. The purpose of this paper is to prepare a plan for positive influence that would increase performance through motivation and satisfaction. Different team members have different personalities that affect their behaviour thus affecting the overall performance of the team.

Individual attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values of employees working in a team determine whether an individual is willing to put in some level of effort and time in order to achieve a specific goal. According to Marcic & Draft (2009) performance of each individual is determined by their behaviour which affects their engagement in the company and thus affecting the competitiveness of the company in the market. In business, for employees to be productive, they require to be motivated and to have job satisfaction in order for them to perform. Each individual is different from the other and has different ways of thinking. Their reasoning about different issues and their attitudes towards the job being undertaken is also different.

A successful leader should be able to coordinate other group members ensuring communication between them is efficient. For the team members to work together and be productive in business, they need to learn each other’s personalities (Marcic & Draft, 2009). Asbeta is dominant and according to his personality, he should be made the leader of the group. This is because he is outspoken and is driven to be a leader. Asbeta is also capable of understanding complex organizational problems and creating effective solutions. He is well informed and is very good at public speaking and would therefore be able to air the views of the team members to other leaders in top management.

Asbeta and Geri have the same personality and are both very good leaders. They could both be awarded positions of power to avoid a clash between them. There is a possibility that if one is a leader to the other, they might not agree on issues affecting the team and might cause the collapse of the team. However, if they are both given leadership positions, then they can work together because they are knowledgeable, intelligent and well informed.

Sureta is creative and is able to come up with new ideas very fast. She also embraces new ideas, understands concepts and applies logic to find solutions to problems (Nardi, 2000). As a team member she will easily blend with Geri and Asbeta who value knowledge. She can come up with different ideas that would be critically analysed by Geri and Asbeta to ensure that they are solid solutions. Just like Asbeta and Geri, Sureta is assertive. This could bring a positive or a negative effect in the team. In the positive light, these are people with strong ideas and are willing to air them so that they can be heard. This would be beneficial to the group because the members are willing to share their ideas in the group. It is up to the team leader to ensure that each member is able to make their contribution freely without biasness. In the negative light, it would be impossible for the team to make quick decisions because Sureta, Asbeta and Geri all want their comments to be used in place of others. Sureta also enjoys debating on issues so this could be a problem for the team unless the team leader is quick to control discussions and collective decision making.

Sureta does not like to follow routines and is excited about new ideas. This is beneficial to the team because she can develop new ideas creating dynamism in the group. She is also good at a number of things and is able to perform different tasks. There would be a clash between her and Geri as well as Asbeta because she does not like to follow a daily routine. Asbeta and Geri according to their personalities have little patience with disorganization and inefficiency.

Frank just like Sureta is very intelligent, creative and resourceful. He can be able to come up with new ideas and is very excited about new projects (Nardi, 2000). He will be a valuable member to the team because opening a new branch at of Kutler food store in Orlando will require that they make changes to suit the customers in that area. He is also bound to work effectively with Geri and Asbate who value competence and knowledge.

For a team to be successful when working on a business venture, they are required to understand each other’s personalities. This way the members can communicate effectively playing a key role in the success of the team and the overall business. This will allow the team members to make a connection that is bound to motivate them providing a satisfactory working environment (Marcic & Draft, 2009).

In conclusion, for a business venture to be successful and for it to meet its goals, then the team members have to be motivated and to have job satisfaction. Each member of the team is different and it is important for the team members to know each other at a different level to enhance their working relationship. This will make the team members feel that they are part of a team working towards a common goal.


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