Create your own definition for geopolitics

Create your own definition for geopolitics




1) Create your own definition for “geopolitics”.

Politics is both based on the human factors as well as locational and therefore geographical relationships. Human and physical conditions affect relationship and politics in various ways prompting a study of that analyses, understands, explain, and therefore predict the key international behaviors that are critically affected by geographical factors.2) Make a list of six criteria that a country must meet in order for it to be defined as a country. How is the term “nation” different from the terms “country” or “state”? 

In order to a country, a country must meet the following criteria:

Must have a defined and recognized geographical boarders

Must have permanent residents, thus nationalities

Have an organized activities of economic natures that regulates both the local and foreign trade and monetary systems

Be recognized by other countries as a country on its own meritsMust have sovereignty so that no any other country can have power within its territory, unless otherwise circumstances of war

Must have a well defined transport network that assist people and goods for movement from one point to another

Must have an education system

A nation is a group of people that have the same cultural, language, religion, institutions, and historical background without necessarily having sovereignty. A country or state on the other hand is a well defined political and geographical sovereignty that has its own set of laws and constitution.

3) Analyze the political spectrum. Where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?

Political spectrum defines the political perspective that a country adopts in terms of socialism, conservatism, or liberalism. Personally, I see myself in the liberalistic part of the political spectrum.4) What is black gold? How do you think black gold impacts the development of countries? Explain. 

Gold was one of the commodities that were used for exchange purpose. In the modern world, crude oil has taken that purpose and has become the black gold, and a leading indicator of the global economy. The volatility of the prices of oil affects the economic status of the developing economies since it also trends according to the political and economic situations of these developing economies.5) In your opinion, what are the characteristics that define a superpower? In what ways does the US meet this criterion? 

A super power country is a country with a strong might of political, economic, and social stability and is able to have major influence on the same factors on other countries in the world. In addition, the country must have a strong military background than other countries. The United States meet this criterion by its strong military base, stable economy, and a political system.6) In your opinion, which is the best way to group countries to study world issues? Compare your “best” way to one another method of grouping countries. 

For purposes of uniformity, level, and development agendas, countries are best group according to their economic status. Developed countries should be group on their own, while the developing ones are also grouped on their own. 7) What is global interdependence?

In one way or another, countries depend on each other for various factors of production. Through trade, and therefore exchange of goods and services, nations in the world have traded with each other, thereby depending on each other globally.8) Explain why geographers divide Earth up into so many different regions when studying natural systems.

Earth in itself is a natural system that manifest different characteristics at different sub divided layers. Best on the changing features on these regions; it is best classified according to these regions that have the same characteristics.9) Draw a sketch map of the river watershed in which you live. Locate and label on the map major human and natural features, including arrows to show direction of water flow. 


10) Create an interconnections chart or graphic organizer to illustrate how abiotic factors have helped to determine the characteristics of the ecozone in which you live. 


11) How do natural systems contribute to Canada’s wealth?

The natural system of Canada is best explained from its natural resources which endow the country with the ability to maintain its economic growth and withstand any stress on the economy. The country has a vast wealth of natural resources and is considered among the developed countries to be able to swiftly recover and expand, especially after the global economic crisis.

12) Explain the statement, ” A tree farm is not the same as a forest”. 

A forest is a collection of many trees and thus has the plurality of many trees, whereas tree farm may be composed on a specific type of a tree planted for a purpose.

13) Discuss the implications for people living in your region of the following statement: “everywhere is downwind or downstream of somewhere else.”

14) Draw a diagram that explains the natural process affecting the unique productivity in the oceans surrounding the Antarctic continent. 


The Antarctic continent contain very little biomass compared to the continents and therefore life is highly concentrated near the coasts. The surrounding areas of the seas are very productive and have various exploitative resources.15) Explain why it is difficult to make accurate predictions about future events

It is very difficult to make accurate predictions of future events because of the changing current events themselves. Circumstances, characteristics, as well as patterns of living changes daily thereby are making it very difficult to have an accurate focus of the future.