Create original artwork as a medium to express meaning to the art and science of nursing.

Create original artwork as a medium to express meaning to the art and science of nursing.

The purpose of this assignment is to:
Reflect upon and articulate personal and professional values, beliefs, and practices.
Create original artwork as a medium to express meaning to the art and science of nursing.
Compare and contrast nursing philosophies of peers.

This assignment meets the following course objectives and program Student Learning Outcomes (in parenthesis):
Discuss the key concepts of selected nursing theories. (Student Learning Outcome 2, 3, 5, 6)
Articulate a personal philosophy of nursing. (Student Learning Outcome 1, 5, 8)

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1. Recall a nursing theorist/theories to whom you relate.
2. Reflect on your personal nursing philosophy and definition of the nursing metaparadigm.
3. Create artwork that  reflects your beliefs. Artwork can be on any medium and cannot be computer generated.
Artwork MUST be an original piece of artwork created with paper and crayons, colored pencils, clay, play dough,       etc. no computer generated submissions will be graded.  Use symbols designs, shapes, objects, and colors that                   represent your nursing theory. This is to be explained within the paper.
NOTE: Exclusive use of colorful words on a page is not considered acceptable for this assignment.

1.  Write a one paragraph summary of your personal philosophy of nursing by reflectively writing. This requires thinking about an event or idea and analyzing it’s meaning to nursing practice. This is an opportunity to articulate personal values and believes about professional practice and the role as a registered nurse.
2. In at least four pages, detail personal beliefs related to the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm.
3. Include a specific and detailed clinical example for each of the nursing metaparadigms. Clearly link values and beliefs to a behavioral example.
4. Organize your paper with a cover page, introductory paragraph, personal nursing philosophy, beliefs and values defined and explanation of the artwork in the paper, and theorist most closely followed.
An abstract or reference page is not necessary.
5. Use the concluding paragraph to reflect on what you have discovered about yourself and what changes you plan to make in your practice as a result of the course.
6. Upload scanned artwork as a pdf file and attach as a comment to the assignment. Contact Canvas support for technology help 24/7.
10.  Post the artwork and the descriptive paragraph (from the reflective paper explaining the work) to Discussion Board #4 in Module 7.

Adapted from: Hernandez, C. (2009). Student articulation of a nursing philosophical statement: An assignment to enhance critical thinking skills and promote learning. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(6), 343-349. doi:10.9999/01484834-20090515-08.

Nursing (i.e., nursing actions)
What is your definition of nursing?
Is the metaparadigm concept nursing an art, a science, or both? Is it a process or a product (set of tasks)?
What is nursing mainly (e.g., caring, therapeutic healing, building relationships)?
What is the role reflected in nursing (e.g., doing for, being with [being present with], working with)?
There does ethics fit in? Who or what is the object of nursing’s concern?
Give a specific clinical example.
What is your definition of health (e.g., includes absence of disease, ability to perform social roles)?
Is health on a continuum? Can clients have a chronic illness and still be termed healthy in your definition of                        health? What if the client’s view of health and your view of  health are different?
Give a specific clinical example
What is your definition of person (e.g., set of behavioral systems, bio-psychosocial and spiritual being)?
Who is the person being nursed (e.g., client, family, community)?
Give a specific clinical example
Are there different components to environment (e.g., emotional, spiritual, social, cultural, mainly                                        physical)? Is environment separate from person? What is the nurse’s role in terms of environment?
Are there internal and external environments, or is what is internal to a person part of the person?
Give a specific clinical example reflections_paper

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