Create a quality management plan for the department of finance.

Create a quality management plan for the department of finance. Use the three steps of the Shewhart Cycle—Do, Check, Act—to complete your quality management plan.



Create a “balanced scorecard” and a “dashboard” specific to the areas of improvement in your quality management plan to describe performance measurement tools that are broad in scope but summarized in a few key indicators.


Using the selected healthcare operating unit, create a specific dashboard for an operating unit of a healthcare organization.


On the basis of identified weaknesses, the improvement implementation plans, and your knowledge of the unit:


Create four categories of measurement. They must include both clinical and financial categories. Describe the categories and write a justification for each.

For each category, create at least three specific performance measures. For each measure, describe how it is calculated and where the data can be found.

Explain how the performance measures may change if the unit of analysis is the organization as a whole and not a specific operating unit.

Part II


In addition, present a 5-page plan addressing the following quality management plan controls:


Discuss issues to be considered with the implementation of the improvement program.

Staff acceptance of change

Implementation time frame

Discuss issues involved in the collection and analysis of data.

Data collection

Data analysis process

Identify and describe a desired outcome of the quality improvement plan.

Compile all your course project work into a quality management plan report. The report should be a 15-page Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style. You need not use any template for the report; design it on the basis of the specific issue you have selected.


Submission Details:


On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.


Please use sources less than five years old


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