Create a culturally sensitive plan of care

Create a culturally sensitive plan of care

Utilizing the interview techniques, critical thinking skills, nutrition and growth and development we have discussed in lecture, you are to obtain a complete and thorough health history of an adult (age 30-60 years) friend, relative, neighbor, or co-worker who is culturally different from yourself. Document this information appropriately in a narrative format (APA formatted paper) and create a culturally sensitive plan of care that includes two (2) physical and one (1) psychosociocultural nursing diagnoses, short and long term goals, interventions, rationales for your interventions and expected outcomes.
First, COMPLETELY fill out the health history form (you can type or handwrite anywhere on the form or scan a hand-written form). Submit the form with your written paper (requirement for the assignment).

Ensure the person interviewed is between the age of 30-60 years and is culturally different from yourself


Document findings in a narrative format

Create a culturally sensitive plan of care

The plan of care MUST include two physical nursing diagnoses and one psychosocial cultural nursing diagnosis. The nursing diagnoses MUST be NANDA approved.

For a list of NANDA nursing diagnoses visit this link:

NANDA NURSING DIAGNOSISFor each nursing diagnosis, include at least two short term and two long term goals; appropriate interventions and the rationales for your interventions as well as expected outcomes

Incorporate at least three culturally based references other than course text

Make sure to:

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