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15 February 2011





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Cover Letter for assistant/apprentice hairdresser position

I would like to apply for a position of assistant/apprentice hairdresser in your salon. I have chosen your salon because I recognize and appreciate the magnificent and trendy hairstyles your company offers to its customers and would be so proud to be part of your zealous team.

I have recently completed the hairdressing course in the college and I am currently seeking the position of assistant/apprentice hairdresser so that I can apply the skills I have acquired during the course. I am very passionate about hairdressing since I feel good when I see my clients looking very beautiful and shinning. Whenever I watch the celebrities, I evaluate their beauty based on the type of their haircuts or styles and the accompanying accessories. I agree with Hubert de Givenchy that, “hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself” (2). Therefore, my vision is to help women realize themselves through hairdressing and I believe your company will enable me attain my dream or even surpass it.

My career goal in applying for the position of assistant/apprentice hairdresser is to gain and expand hairdressing experience and enhance my practical skills. The opportunity will give me ample time to explore the world of beauty and hairdressing as my career, expand my knowledge and skills, and eventually become a trendy hairdresser. I would like to start my apprenticeship not only because with this traineeship I can become one day a hairdresser of the established salon, but also because I hope that I will apply the skills and knowledge I have acquired during the apprenticeship to express my vision.

During the course of my studies I gained diverse skills in hairdressing and my objective is to use them creatively in designing new and trendy hairstyles. My objective is to incorporate knowledge and new skills in developing and designing haircuts and hairstyles to keep abreast with new styles in the industry, and I hope that other artists will get inspired from my work. I find inspiration from the famous artist, Pablo Picasso, who was a guru in the world of arts because he experimented with different theories, techniques, and ideas. Since he had guidance from his father at a young age, I would like to obtain guidance from your established salon, for I strongly believe that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

To meet my career objectives and goals in hairdressing, I have been constantly dedicating my time in reading widely and observing the work of great models and soliciting advice from my mentors, who have seen me through until I finished the college. For example, in the fashion industry, Patricia Fields from Sex & the City is probably one of the best clothing stylists, in my opinion, and I consider Tom Ford one of the best fashion designers because he was the one who transformed Gucci into a fashion powerhouse. I believe I have what it takes to emulate both Patricia and Tom if I learn the foundation of hairdressing. So far, I am confident that I have done my best and will strive for the best, as there is always room for improvement.

I strongly feel that the position of assistant/apprentice hairdresser in your salon will offer me a great experience, which will enhance my career as hairdresser. I am looking forward for your consideration and I am readily available for an interview.

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