Cover Letter Application As A Hospital Nurse

Cover Letter Application As A Hospital Nurse

Cover Letter Application As A Hospital Nurse

(Applicant Names),



14th of March 2012.

To the Human Resource Manager,

Tenet Healthcare Corporation,

146579- CA,


Dear Sir/ Madam,


I write to present my application for the nursing post available at your corporation as per your adverts in the electronic and print media. I am a dedicated young professional with my main professional development objective being to participate in nursing at the highest possible level such as that offered at Tenet Healthcare Corporation. To this end, I have made efforts in advancing my professional qualifications, which is above average for a young professional. My other objectives include adding value to the complicated American nursing environment through my academic and non-academic skills that I have acquired over the years. By having such a chance, I would be able to match my profession with my interests, which include serving the needy. During my extra curricular activities, I have established an interest of offering voluntary services to the needy in different health and special care facilities. In the process, I have obtained excellent professional skills that support an all-rounded delivery of services. Some of such personal strengths include interpersonal skills, leadership skills, initiative-taking skills, tolerance, and communication skills. In line with the requirements of a modern nursing professional, I believe that I meet several of what would be needed in my duties if my application were successful.

For the above reasons and those contained in my resume, I believe that I am the right candidate for this job. I offer to make positive contributions and cooperation as required of me during the processing of my application. I would like to hear soon from the Corporation regarding the application for clarification. Attached is a section of my resume detailing on documents, certification and strengths.

Thanks in advance.

Resume (Extract)


National Nursing Practitioner

Earned Degrees

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boston College, Boston, MA in 2000

2. Associate of Nursing from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA in 2003



Professional Experiences (practiced during previous positions held- listed below)

1. Management

2. Treatment

3. Supervision

4. Coordination

5. Evaluation and appraisal

Previous Positions Held

Staff Nurse, Surgical Unit (Boston General Hospital in 2010)

Nurse Manager (Massachusetts Military Base in 2008)

Nurse Manager Gastroenterology Clinic (Quincy AFB, Quincy, MA in 2006)

Staff Nurse Multi-Service Unit (Tewana AB, Saipan in 2003)

Membership in Professional Organizations

Gastroenterology Nurses Association

Post Anesthesia Care Nurses Association

National Nurses Association


1. Essentials of American Nursing (Book- 2011)

2. The Impact of the 2008 Economic Crises on the Integrity of the American Nursing Profession (Research Paper- 2009)

3. The Impact of Maternal Characteristics on the Health Status of the Child (Research Paper- 2006)

4. National Healthcare System Preparedness to Deal with Nursing Personnel Shortages (Research Paper- 2005)

5. Employment Security Status on the Performance of Nurses in the USA (Research Paper- 2003)


Computer Skills (Proficient in MS Office, Web, Medtech Computer System)

Leadership Skills

Research Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills