Coursework 2 Crisis Communications Plan

Coursework 2 Crisis Communications Plan


Crisis management

Coursework Brief

Coursework 2: Crisis Communications Plan

A crisis communication plan provides policies and procedures for the co-ordination of communications within the organization, and between the organization and any applicable outside agencies (e.g. – the media, regulatory agencies, customers, suppliers, stakeholders (board of directors, shareholders, unions, staff) and the public) in the event of an emergency or controversial issue. Emergencies may include fires, bomb threats, natural disasters, or major crimes. Controversial issues may include police investigations, protests or other situations that demand a public response.

It is the goal of a crisis communications plan to establish guidelines for dealing with a variety of situations, and to ensure that staff and communicators are familiar with those procedures and their roles in the event of a crisis. A communications plan is designed to be used in conjunction with an emergency/business continuity/crisis management plan.

Your task is to design a crisis communications plan for any organisation of your choosing. Your plan should contain the following elements

Aim and Objectives

Policy statement on crisis communications for your chosen organisation

Details of the Crisis Communications team

Stakeholder analysis and prioritisation

Emergency contact list

Media contact list

Staff notification procedures

Stakeholder notification procedures

Key messages and sample press releases

News conference protocols

Interview protocols

Methods of Communication updates

Record keeping protocols

Crisis communications review and evaluation procedures

It is expected that:

Students will read widely around the subject area in preparation for the essay

The essay will be properly structured and demonstrate good use of English

The essay will be properly referenced using the Harvard Method.

Word Limit: 3000 words

Percentage weighting: 60%

Date of Final Submission: 07/05/09 (one hard copy and one electronic submission)