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Course Content Reaction


Conflicts are a part of our day to day lives. At the work place conflicts arise especially when employees have different goals. Conflicts can improve the performance of the entity as they provide avenues through employees comprehend each other better and expand their knowledge about the issue. They also develop leadership skills through dealing with issues that generate the conflicts. Contrary to this, conflicts can also leave employees disgruntled and unsatisfied. They can deter relations among employees and promote poor attitudes. For conflicts to be advantageous to an entity, they have to be settled in a proper way. Conflict resolution is a process which should be enhanced by the management and the employees themselves. Consequently, all students should be equipped with skills which enable them to resolve conflicts amicably so that when they enter the workforce, the do not escalate conflicts rather, they find ways of curbing them.

Learning goals

I would like to gain to be equipped with not only managerial skills but leadership skills too. These skills will help me to understand different types of conflicts and anticipate what might lead to their escalation. I would also like to get proper insights on what generate conflicts among people. This will enable me to set proper strategies will prevent confrontations with other people. Whenever there are conflicts between people, the affected parties can sit down and work out their differences, but if they fail to come up with solutions or totally fail to discuss the issues that face them, a third party has to be involved.

In my career journey or as I interact with people, there are chances that we will not agree on everything. This may lead to conflicts. I would not like my relationship with others to be deterred, neither would I like my performance to dwindle due to conflicts. This course is supposed to aid me in proper conflict management process in that, I do not have to wait for a third party to settle issues. Additionally, I would like to take lead in the conflict resolution process. This course is supposed to help me know how to approach others in way that will not negatively impact on the conflict.

At times the intensity of the conflicts may be very high to the point that a third party has to be involved. Such matters may be accompanied with emotions leading to a dawdling conflict resolution process. Whenever I am caught up in such situations, I would like to apply methods that will not make my emotions to compromise the situation. I would like to learn how to keep my emotions intact irrespective of the issue at hand. Even when I feel offended, this course is supposed to empower me to look beyond my feelings and learn how to accommodate others.

At the peak of my career, I wish to be a manager and also give directions to people. I wish to be the most effective manager who motivates people to realize their goals. In this position, with reference to Eddy (2008), I comprehend that my subordinates will be challenged with issues which will lead to conflicts amongst themselves. Poor conflict management may lead to a failed workforce. I would not like to lead failed personnel. I would like to lead a very motivated workforce and proper conflict management boosts employee motivation. Though this course, I will be equipped with leadership skills that will be of use in enhancing the conflict resolution process. Through my intervention, the conflict will be rested for good never to erupt again.

Perspective of Conflict Resolution

Initially, I thought conflict was a negative thing and should be avoided. I was amazed when the lecturer said that conflicts are important and good for an organization. I felt like objecting but choose to listen further. During conflicts, approaching others which are in conflict with me might face a lot of challenges. The other affected party may lush bitter words at me while others may get more violent and resolve to picking up fights. In addition, where emotions are involved, the other party may get too emotional hence the conflict evaluation may be prejudiced. On the other hand, the third party in the conflict resolution may not be fair and may favor one side.

Through the first two weeks and the reading assignment, I realize that yes, conflicts are important. It only depends on how they are dealt with. When I reach the zenith of my career as a manager, I realize that not all will like the way I carry out my duties. I may try to come up with the best strategies according to myself, which I think will put the conflict to an end, but the solution might just end up to be the genesis of another problem. I also think that solving a problem between parties which carry attitudes is very multifaceted and almost impossible. But in the midst of all this, I have to create proper channels for resolution of conflicts.

Sensory Evidence of Achieved Success

Through my academic journey I would like to achieve my goals which will enable me to be exemplary when carrying out my duties. In the field of conflict management, I will be able to tell that I have achieved success and that I can be able to effectively handle conflicts if I am able to instigate the conflict resolution process when in disagreement with my peers, my family members and any other people that I interact with. Through the resolution process, if I will be able to control my emotions and apply more of thinking and coming up with the best solution, then I will have ascertained that I have gained proper conflict management insight through this course.

After the other affected part and I sit down and come up with proper solution, if I feel peaceful at heart and am able to look at the issue from a positive perspective then I will conclude that I have been equipped with conflict management skills. Additionally, after we refer to the matter as solved, if I will be able to relate to other party well like nothing happened, and I we will both sit down share a meal and talk as friends, there will be no doubt I will have achieved my goals. Furthermore, I will be sure of the success when I realize that am not affected by what other people say about the conflict once solved.

Class Setting

The class is quite with not so much disruption from the outside. It is conducive for learning and does not give room for the swerving of the mind. The lecturer is audible enough and does not elicit problems with hearing. The lectures elucidations are detailed and do not contribute to confusion rather perks up on the knowledge. My fellow students are also a booster to the learning process. They do not engage in annoying activities like opening sweet wrappers which might deter attention, rather, they are calm and very attentive.

The lecturer is approachable and answers questions asked. Additionally, the lecturer also delivers information with a lot of enthusiasm and cracks a lot of jokes. The usage of example and real life stories make the class lessons interesting. There is no doubt; this will be one of the most interesting classes. With regard to my fellow students, they are friendly and willing to share. With this, I am sure that we will manage to complete group assignments together without many difficulties

Reaction to Class Activities

The class interactions are very vibrant and provide a lot of information. They also help in knowing how other people think. I find this very positive because at the work place, I will meet people who think differently and yet have to come up with what has to apply for all of us. The interaction also boosts on how I may react to my boss without losing respect. This is enhanced through interacting with the instructor. Furthermore, the score cards which are issued are very helpful in self evaluation. They have helped me know my strengths and weaknesses. Through them, I am now working to improve my weak points and turning them into strengths.

I have also learnt through demonstrations on the proper ways to protect myself during conflicts. I have learnt that through the whole process, I should not compromise my safety and personality. Demonstration and visual equipment used in the study are very effective in driving the point at home. It is hard for me to forget what I have seen.

Some terminologies may look like they are common knowledge in this field and the lecture may use them with the knowledge that we students know them. This makes learning a bit challenging and I may not comprehend what is taught. Moreover, several subtopics may be covered during one lesson. At the end of such lessons, I may be left confused instead of being knowledgeable. Lack of understanding of the information being delivered leads to disgruntlement. Hence I look forward to the best coverage of the course which will enhance my comprehension of the topic. To improve on understanding, I anticipate for related topics should be covered in one lesson. This will evade the disruption of the mind from its line of thought.

I like the class the way the introduction has been covered. Visual accompaniments as a way of delivering information may be well received. I look forward to more of this and real life experience through. I hope that managers or employees from different companies will be invited to talk to us on the real issues on the ground. What is in the books may not apply directly to what we will come across but people in who work in our society have the experience of all arising issues which we are likely to be faced with.

Reaction to Reading

I did not know the kind of reading material to employ in this field. I had no idea that conflict resolution is covered in academic journal. Hence I was so prepared for volumes and volumes of books. In accordance, I was shocked the lecturer said that academic journal articles and newspaper articles will form a part of our reading material.

Reading materials have provided me with a foundation of knowledge about conflicts resolution. Some of the reading are very interesting and have acted as an eye opener to the kind of knowledge I expect in this field. Some of the readings I have employed include how conflicts resolved, how conflict resolution techniques work and the role of leadership in conflict resolution (CDR Associates, 2007 p. 89). Reading materials have also analyzed the pros and cons of utilizing these methods and how reconciliation can be achieved after resolving issues (Bar-Siman-Tov, 2004 p. 39). Reading materials have also provided real life experiences especially newspaper articles which have enabled me to know the kind of conflicts that are experienced in the present society (Stevens, 2013). I always thought conflicts were negative but through reading, I have comprehended on the significance.

I have realized that reading assignments will not only build on what I have been taught in class by clarification but will also enhance my comprehension of the information delivered during lectures. Reading has been very paramount especially with regard to overview of the conflict resolution process. What I do not like about the readings given is at times the amount of reading materials. At times they are too many to be read and comprehended in a short span of time.


I appreciate this as a method of interaction with our lecturers. Through this, I will be able to know where I am going wrong and rectify in time. This also gives us students venues to raise our issues and if they are tackled, our learning experiences will be boosted.


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