CORRECTION UNIT 3, inmates working under various fields

CORRECTION UNIT 3, inmates working under various fields



Several private industries provide employment for inmates who are still in incarceration. Various correctional institutions have an arrangement with private establishments to offer job opportunities to inmates with the aim of assisting them to reform. Indeed, this is a risky job but there are pros associated with such opportunities. Such jobs are community related works that may include clearing of bushes, painting public places such as schools, and making general repairs within public areas.

One of the pros associated with inmates working under various fields is that the offenders are able to earn on an hourly basis. In turn, this provides the inmates a legit source of money to cater for their needs. Inmates are expected to meet their financial obligations such as court-ordered fines and child support. Subsequently, having a job is a vital source of funds to sustain these needs. Other than the money, inmates are also able to source practical skills within the various places of work. In turn, the inmates are able to utilize these skills upon their release from prison. Additionally, providing the inmates with work offers them a chance to redeem themselves and have a feeling of appreciation and belonging (Skapinker, 2012).

Employing prisoners has key advantages, but at the same time has demerits. Some people feel that employing prisoners and paying them wages similar to the payments made to honest people that are not in incarceration is unfair. Additionally, cases may occur whereby the prisoners extend their hideous acts to the places of work, for example, stealing. Nonetheless, these programs have proven to work and provided chances for prisoners to reform. The Work In Lieu of Jail Program is an example of a program under implementation in Washington County (Sherriff’s office Washington County, N.D.). This is a successful weekend program that provides prisoners with a meaningful way of spending the weekend. In addition, the program has been a success because of the funds contributed towards its course from the inmates’ earnings.


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