Contemporary Issue

Contemporary Issue

Contemporary Issue

We more and more have to compete in a global market. As organizations

Plan and execute plans there are many decision considerations, such as:

* Some countries have favorable tax laws for their businesses and have tariffs on imports.

Because these are developing nation and they want the citizens of their country to move the country to a better economy. As more the favorable tax laws more the people and business would going to flourish.

* Labor costs are usually cheaper overseas and some U.S. firms “offshore” their work.

Because the value of currency of US dollar is higher to other counterparts. So cheap labor would be available in other countries that is it offshore their work.

*America has a diverse population and should maximize resources needs by

Utilizing that workforce; yet some identifiable groups are underutilized.

America needs to remove prevailing racism and give equal work opportunity to all.

* Many organizations consider diversifying their product lines in order to

Balance business cycles and to offset changes in supply and demand.

Yes, this method will benefit to short the cash cycle and help in gaining a foothold in the market.

* Effective management techniques are sometimes elusive and ongoing training

And development efforts are made to develop human resources.

Benefit which an organization is reaping while multiplying with coaching standards. It is the top most priority of the manager to use approach to talk to his subordinates in a positive way which will create a positive impact among employees. This mentoring program benefits organization and clients also. Thus, it is ensured as a learning and development phase made to improve performance with various skills, tools and techniques.

* Some organizations peruse research findings while others feel such reports

Found in journals and professional magazines are not relevant because their

Organization is “different.”

As the organization differs research method also differs but the conclusion receive from this organizations is almost similar.

* Some organizations are unionized and feel this causes a competitive

Disadvantage while others see this as a positive because you can deal with a

Formal cohesive group.

Unionism at workplace creates a rift between employees and the management. Labor union issue arise so management need to think the issues which promotes the team work in the organization. If there any communication and representation of any concern occurred with management the mindset of labor and the critical urgency of the needs to be speculated so that matter can be resolved between both the parties with mutual understanding and good listening skills.

* Motivation of the workforce to excellence and taking more responsibility is

Always a goal but is often not achieved by companies.

Motivation is done according to act of volunteering. Volunteering for any social cause or any event is a drive from person instinct character which drives an individual to perform the act of serving but would perceive it as an act.

* Technology and systems can facilitate productivity but is costly and

Sometimes the workforce resists change.

Yes, it is agreeable technology and change in process can’t be used side by side and with this expensive technologies worker need to get trained to resist and use new technology.

* Total quality management is a process that can lead to ever improving

Results while emphasizing employee empowerment, customer satisfaction, and

Proactive financial reports.

Quality Management is the integration of all departments under certain performance standards. Skilled designers and switchers can enhance the production process by developing new products and new processes for the production of existing products as well. But providing quality products in a cost effective manner that also at an affordable price, needs to be given importance.

* The charter of management remains to accomplish the mission of the

Organization while optimizing the return on investment.

American management faces numerous known and sometimes not yet known

Challenges. Proper direction can come from relevant and effective research.

Going through the strategies followed by the big corporate industry houses it can be well understood that the proper functioning of an organization it has to be aware and practice all the internal and external environments appropriately.