Consumer blogs have a great impact on company strategies

Consumer blogs have a great impact on company strategies. Consumer blogs are very important sources of feedback gathering and as such consumer should be asked to blog their views of the product on the internet or on the blogging sites created by the company .Blogs are a good source of feedback for the company and shows the real feel of the market. It can be seen that blogs have become a very important source of information gathering especially for testing the market for the feedback on the product and service. These blogs also help the firm to advertise their products as almost all firms have their own online presentations in the form of blogs an since the internet provides a greater coverage to people who remain connected throughout and consumers rely more on peer group reviews , the blogs from a very potent source of getting information from the public. . Blogs also design very important feedback systems and invoke generic responses to the product. It can also help in designing and changing marketing strategies because many of the bloggers are quite honest in their views.

Blogs create unnecessary rumors about the product. If a consumer has had a bad experience with the firm he may blog the same and then it is viewed by so many people leading to bad reputation. Blogs can also make competitors write misleading statements about the firm. Blogs also make consumers vary about product and services.