Consumer, Bankruptcy, Tax, and E-Commerce Fraud

Consumer, Bankruptcy, Tax, and E-Commerce Fraud.

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For this discussion, choose a fraud scheme from Chapters 15, 16, or 17. Educate yourself on your particular selected scheme, including some outside research to broaden your understanding. Post a 2 to 4 paragraph summary of the following:

  • Summary description of the fraud scheme
  • Educate us regarding the symptoms and warning signs of the particular scheme
  • Summarize a case study example of the fraud scheme, either from research or from personal experience, of the fraud in your life or that of someone close to you
  • Discuss methods of prevention for your selected fraud scheme, including how you can educate others in your life to help protect them
  • Please be sure to cite any outside resources that you may use

Consumer, Bankruptcy, Tax, and E-Commerce Fraud

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