Consider whether your city is a potential location for a terrorist attack?

In this project you analyze and discuss a past emergency incident and a possible future emergency hazard. You will apply what you learned throughout the course to the analysis and address the key discussion points.

In emergency management it is important to remember that locations also make a difference. People like to live in areas with nice climates that are close to coasts, mountains, and major cities; albeit in hazardous locations. It is also economically difficult to move for many household residents. History, tradition and culture also tie people to meaningful places where they enjoy a sense of connection. Consider the following questions and key discussion points in composing your paper.

Do you think these trends of living location will continue? Is there a way to make society safer over the long term? Or, have we gone down a path of no return? Contemplate the future, would you live or work in such places of risk, and why?

Consider past disasters as part of your analysis and discussion, such as Hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Sandy, the 9/11/01 terrorist attack on New York City, and the Tsunami/nuclear reactor plant disaster in Japan. These are just some that should be included in your analysis and discussion. Select key learning points from each to apply to a future hypothetical disaster.

Consider whether your city is a potential location for a terrorist attack? Subject to frequent flooding? Is it at the intersection of major transportation arteries? Would you want to move away from jobs, families, familiar areas just to be safer? Is population in the community decreasing or increasing – and are either of those trends related to safety or are other factors at work? How has human behavior influenced disaster vulnerability such as allowing development in flood prone areas or living along the coast—and what can be done about this (consider mitigating factors). At this time in your paper you should be considering systems theory and focusing on potential efforts in each of the system components.

This is a final course comprehensive project. The paper is to be a minimum of 2000 words (8-10 pages). Be sure to include citations for all references, including information about the incident. Also, use scholarly material for your alternative theory, (Wikipedia is not permitted as a source), and any support for your discussion. Your textbook from the class should be your starting point, but your primary sources of information should be scholarly in nature.

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