Complete the map template ( I completed).

Complete the map template ( I completed).

Leadership Studies

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To qualify for an A: Complete the map template ( I completed). Additionally, describe one goal for each of the five levels and prioritize these, beginning with the most important ones first For each goal listed

Team Goals

I will volunteer for committees in the local organizations in Saudi Arabia and find out how I can get on the social list of influential persons in my community.

I intend to create a Vision and mission statement for my team by 2014

I will outline the actions necessary to accomplish team results and attain them in spite of external circumstances by 2015

I intend to be creative by assuming a more proactive and active part in the team by 2016

I also intend to evaluate our team portfolio in order to know exactly what I know and what I do not know by 2017

Augment on the quality of work as I work in San Antonio’s VA hospital by 2018

Community Goals

I will deliberately build a network of individuals that I know at a personal level. I will also be predisposed to this network through checking out with every individual at least once in a month.

Engage in the organization of USA Mosque religious plans and events by the year 2014

Ensure that people back home including by parents can have an improved access to preventive and fundamental health care by the year 2015

Ensure that education programs in health and wellness preventive services are improved by the year 2016

Ensure that individuals and families in a disaster are stabilized while ensuring that their capacity to attain self sufficiency is improved by the year 2017

Ensure that the youth in Saudi Arabia are supported both in their academics and their social lives to enable them to not only learn life skills, but also graduate from school and become marketable in the job market by 2018

Family Goals

I will avoid doing tasks that tend to be too structured and that are likely to suppress my quest for variety. If given a number of tasks I will indulge my quest for flexibility by being creative to make the tasks extra fun in a number of ways.

Ensure that I have quality time with my nuclear family through doubling the time we have for recreation in order to be more close and in touch with them by the year 2014

Get one more kid and spend two hours of quality time with my children on a daily basis by the year 2015

Assist my parents attain their objectives and dreams by 2016

Ensure that my family has a will and an estate plan by 2017

Take my wife to Paris for our tenth anniversary celebrations by 2018

Professional Goals

I will look to people who are more strategic and have a strong focus for planning so that they may help me attain my long term professional goals.

Graduate from both San Antonio’s VA hospital and St. Mary University by 2014

Get a Job that is in tandem with my knowledge and interests as well as my strengths in Saudi Arabia by 2015; If I get a Job that is in tandem with my knowledge and interests as well as my strengths in Saudi Arabia in 2015 I will be able to buy a house and a car and invest in my own business. I will meet this goal through networking with family and friends. I will have to stop wasting time on the television and start making job applications in order to meet this goal. I will know I have attained this goal once am employed by one of the dream companies in which I intend to make applications.

Gain experience in various fields and augment my income by 20% through consulting on a part time basis particularly in the evenings by 2016

Start making business investments by 2017

Enroll in one of South Arabian University’s PhD programs by 2018

Personal Goals

Driven by my talents I believe that life will turn out to be good if I take my time to think about how I will react to situations in the future. This is because forethought assists in adjusting to unexpected challenges.

Strategize on how to achieve all the above goals as early as 2014

Visit the US during holidays while making efforts to improve my spoken English in 2015

Move back to Saudi Arabia and ensure am in the right social ladder in 2016

Ensure I enroll with a health insurance company in Saudi Arabia by 2017

Buy a house and two cars in Saudi Arabia by 2018

Strategies for Meeting the Above Goals

I will capitalize on the fact that I am a fun magnet to reach out to friends, new and former classmates, family friends, coworkers and team mates. This is because am capable of making circumstances enjoyable for individuals through bubbling with enthusiasm and energy. I will thus at any given point welcome opportunities to be happy. The fact that I have a nark for making new friends will befit me in achieving these goals. Many are the times I find myself asking questions that are certain to motivate discussions with people I get acquainted with for the first time. I will capitalize on this to ensure it assists me achieve the above goals.

How to Measure and Monitor My Progress for Each Goal

Through participating in animated give and take sessions I would be able to gauge whether I have attained each of these goals or not by making comparisons of my status and those of my peers. Given that I participate in classes, conferences and seminars where ideas are exchanged on how things can be made better, I will be in a position to judge myself against these standards and find out what I have done so far, what still needs to be done and what needs to be improved in order to ensure that all my goals are attained within the given time frame.

Community and Professional Networks

To further develop and enhance my self confidence, as well as interpersonal and professional skills I will need a number of community and professional networks that would provide me with support and feedback. These would include: friends of my family, former and current class mates, team mates and coworkers.


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