Compare your preferences in each dimension to those of your culture.

PARAGRPHS in which you ANSWER EACH QUESTION SEPARTELY 1. Compare your preferences in each dimension to those of your culture. 2. For the places where you marked yourself differently from your culture, explain what you believe accounts for these differences. 3. Explain why cultural patterns are effective for thinking about people from other cultures and understanding cultural differences. 4. Predict how knowledge of cultural patterns can be applied to interaction with people from the culture you selected for your Final Project.

cultural patterns in Chapter 4 Activity orientation Social relations orientation Self-orientation World orientation Time orientation I NEED 2 DIFFERENT COPIES TO THIS QUESTION) I have attached a document that will help with this assignment

Week 3 Assignment
Five Dimensions of Cultural Patterns

Using the cultural pattern continuum below and the five major elements of cultural patterns described in the “An Overview of Cultural Patterns” section of Chapter 4 of the course text, complete this assessment by marking an X along the continuum where you see yourself and an O where you see your national culture.


Time Orientation

How Do People Value Time?

Scarce resource ——–X—–O———————————————————————————- Unlimited
Fast pace ————O————X——————————————————————————- Slow pace

In the above example, the individual (X) believes that time is a fairly scarce resource—perhaps he is an extremely busy person and never has enough time to do everything. This person also sees time go by rather quickly. However, this person sees his national culture (O) in a slightly different light. The individual sees his national culture as believing that time is not as scarce a resource as he experiences it, but the national culture still sees time as scarce rather than unlimited. In terms of the pace of how time goes by, he sees his national culture believing that time goes by more quickly than he experiences it. In other words, the saying, “Time flies,” applies even more to his national culture in general than to him.

Fill out the following dimensions of cultural patterns and consider your reasoning as you go along. You will use your results to formulate the 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation for this Assignment due by Day 6.

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