communication barriers in long term care facilities


Paper details:

literature review shall be divided mainly in 3 sections.
1- the needs for migrant health care workers
research on why globally there is migration of health care workers
section 2- long term care facilities/ nursing homes. health care and social care
section 3- how the immigrant health care workers are affecting the health and social care of the elderly patient
topics of articles which i found relevant are mainly; ageing population, nursing homes, long term care facilities, nursing shortage, migration of health care workers, migrants delivering health care, communication barriers between nurses/ carers and patient, the diction of english language from migrants health care workers
when i refer to communication barriers its mainly; english language….i am a nurse born in maltta. malta has its own language; Maltese language. most elderly patients do not even know how to speak english language and the patients are finding it difficult to communicate with the migrant health care workers
in Malta most of the migrant health care workers come from; Pakistan, India, Serbia, Philippines, Spain and Italy.
not all Maltese people do know how to speak English language. this is causing a barrier in health and social care in nursing homes and long term care facilities.
the main focus should be on the QUALITY OF CARE
Quality of care; social and health care. how language barriers is effecting the quality of care to the older patient?!
so literature review is what i need. literature review in APA system up to 15,000 words (55 pages). comparison of articles mainly on 3 main subjects; 1- the migrant health care workers (nurses and carers)…..2- long term care facilities and nursing homes……3- quality of care and how language barriers and migrant health care workers are effecting inn the health and social care of the old patient
1- the need of migrant health care workers/ migration of nurses and health care workers….2- long term care facilities and nursing homes……3- how migrant nurses and health care workers are effecting the quality of health and social care to the old patient. that is what is most important. i hope that i have provided you with as much details as possible. thanks alot.
15,000 word of literature review only. literature review of a masters degree only, that is what i need only. thanks a million. i hope i was of help. thanks again

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