Climate change can also be referred to as global warming





Climate change can also be referred to as global warming is the significant alteration in the average weather pattern of a region or the earth as a whole. Climate change is a major challenge that is currently facing the human race. The following is a list of important things to know about climate change; temperature rise, change in wildlife population and their habitats, rising sea levels, man-made climate changes, extreme weather events, increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere and solutions to climate change.

Rising temperatures causes some of the most severe climate change impacts such as intense heat waves and droughts as have been experienced in different parts of the world. It also leads to the melting of the polar glaciers, expanding the oceans and raising the sea levels. The increase in carbon emission in the atmosphere is linked to temperature increase. Most of this adverse climatic changes are as a result of human activities such as deforestation and uncontrolled industrialization.

Vested interests are personal reasons that make an individual want to engage in an activity. Measures like the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions would negatively affect many large and successful corporations. The global economy is also dependent on exploitation of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil. Such corporations campaign on misinformation of the public on the impacts of climate change. These corporations and their lobbying groups are responsible for delay of policies and legislations and also shape those are passed.

Environmental inequality is the exposure of the minority and disadvantaged to environmental hazards. For instance, in the United States , African Americans, native American and Latinos have for long have been exposed to hazardous living conditions and activities. For example working in farms that use corrosive pesticides and also in coal mines.