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Clean Energy

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Clean Energy

Due to pollution witnessed in the world a lot of people have taken towards making sure they make sure that they are doing what is right in terms of clean energy. This is because energy is a very big focus of a lot of people since it is one of the most aspects that bring pollution to the environment in the world. Energy refers to the fuel used to run machines, vehicles and generally almost everything in the world. Due to overdependence on fossil fuels, there has been an awakening as people want to change to green energy which is also referred to as clean energy and not just themselves from the effects of the fossil fuels but also from the destruction of the planet (Alola et al, 2017). This paper discusses the concept of clean energy with a close reference to how Tesla company is trying to bring forward clean energy in American homes.

A lot of people and majorly governments have been a very big player towards making sure that clean energy is given a way to be infused into the economy. A lot of governments especially in Europe and united states have given subsidies and other methods have been put in place for companies that tend to introduce green energy into the market while on the other side fining companies that are using fossil fuels and they are producing a very high rate of pollution to the environment. For instance, Bristol company was fined $20,000 for air pollution among other companies. Therefore, the world economy has realized that green or clean energy is the way to go and there is a very high need for clean energy.

Tesla has played a very big role in this (Kittner et al, 2017). When it began as a vehicle company it was making cars only and the cars were supposed to be all electrical vehicles (EVs). Even though it suffered great challenges it has risen recently to be the most valued car company with orders for a whole year. This means that a lot of people are realizing the importance of their role in making the world a better place by purchasing such cars that do not have any negative effects to the environment. Not only tesla but other companies that are working towards making sure that clean energy is available they are greatly supported. Therefore, clean energy has been appreciated by a lot of people and indeed it is the best way to beat global warming as other types of energy and majorly fossil fuels have a lot of negative effects on the environment. Tesla has also invested into solar energy which is picking up pretty well. A lot of people are having their homes connected to tesla solar energy and this is another example of clean energy apart from the cars (Matthews et al, 2020). This means that with time a lot of people will go to green energy and the other types of fuels will have no place in the economy and thus they will decline very fast.

In conclusion, these efforts and advances towards green energy is what is required for the world to be a better place. It is the very desire of governments, organizations and a lot of other promoters for climate change issues. Therefore, with time a lot will change for the good in terms of more people acquiring clean energy which will reduce pollution and make the world a better place.


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