Claire’s Policies on Piercing

Claire’s Policies on Piercing

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Claire’s Policies on Piercing

Claire’s is a company that provides piercing services. It is a company where Raylene Marks had been working before she quit her job. The main reason as to why she quit her job was because she believed that her manager handled a case she was involved in inappropriately. The girl whose mother wanted pierced did not want to be pierced and in fact she clearly stated that she needed personal space. Marks did not pierce the girl despite the desire of the mother that the child be pierced even against her will. Later marks manager told marks that she was supposed to pierce the girl even though she did wish to be pierced since the company only stipulated that a piercing could be stopped in case the piercing was not good. However, her manager interpreted this wrongly and stated that she should have pierced her. She left her job and wrote to the company.

This is an instance whereby Marks is correct while the manager wishes to push the believes the manager has concerning the business. It is not okay to pierce a person who does not want to be pierced and Marks does the right thing. Therefore, even though the business corporate office states that they are looking for a way to understand the case and deal with it, the manager represents the business and this means the business is not completely fine if it such people as their managers.

What Would You Recommend to Claire’s Regarding Their Store Policies on Piercing?

I would recommend to Claire’s that they get well trained managers on ethics and handling people and that such managers should also go for in-service training on how to present the business and how to handle different issues to avoid doing such things which are completely not fine and do not please the works or the customers.