Claim Practice is Essential (2)

Claim Practice is Essential (2)

Claim: Practice is Essential

Practice is essential in every aspect, most importantly towards feedback and improvement. Accordingly, the article provides that practicing enables individuals to give better feedback. Giving feedback provides an opportunity to be extremely helpful through the describe, evaluate, suggest framework. Moreover, practicing gives students better ideas as they can be able to go through their specific responses and correct where possible. It is also vital in developing a revision plan hence having a standard and well-structured work. In addition, its essential in review as it helps in communicating to writers on their work and giving opinions that contribute to development of written work.

Making a commitment to practice is essential to maximize the impact of learning in any environment. After all, practice is the only way to become proficient in a new skill or behavior. As learners, we therefore need to embrace the discomfort of being beginners, to allow us to continue growing and improve as best as possible in any learning environment. Writing is a process that requires a lot of practice to be proficient. One needs to keep writing, various articles and work and through it, one improves and becomes qualified. Also, in providing feedback of work of other writers, practice is vital to ensure the writer receiving the feedback understands the information given and is able to implement in their work and develop better articles. In learning environment, practice in writing is helpful to fellow students and also one benefits through the feedback received.

Practice is essential and we should therefore consider improving on the claim. We can do this by using, deliberate or mindful practice. This form of practice is systematic and highly structured activity, that is more scientific. Instead of mindless trial and error, deliberate practice is an active and thoughtful process of hypothesis testing where we relentlessly seek solutions to any problems. Due to many challenges in the learning environment. Mindful practice ensures one is able to solve the challenges and find a way to move forward and improve their learning. Proficiency in both learning and teaching comes from more practice done during the learning processes. However, the success of learning has to involve other parties’ suggestions and feedback, in order to know where to change and improve.

With increased technology currently, practice helps to make people fast in using them and perform many of their operations through the technological systems. This is also applicable in the learning environment as assignments and classwork require technological devices to accomplish them. Regular practice makes students skilled and increase experiences, hence making activities easier and faster. Student achievement is also dependent on the writing skills as clear information requires flow of information, organization and easy understanding by the recipient. To achieve this, students need to practice a lot and ensure the incorporate the feedback received from peers and the reviewer of the course works done by students. Practice helps give a conductive, respectful and specific feedback and reviews that is constructive and helpful to recipients.

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