For this assignment you will keep track of your food intake for one day. Eat as you normally do. Include all beverages, snacks and condiments. Be honest.

You will go to the homepage of the web site HYPERLINK “”

Go to My Plate Plan, on the right side, and create your profile.

You will enter your name, age, gender, height and weight and activity level, check the box for “maintain current weight” and press submit. It will compute for you an individual food guide plan.

View your plan. At the top right of the page you will see a small PDF box/icon. Open up the PDF. It should undock into two pages.

Using the print icon at the top of the page, It will print the plan page (1) and your daily food plan worksheet (2). Double check you have the two pages.

Now, Go to our Cengage Mindlink thru the D2L portal. You will need to use the Diet Analysis Plus program at the mindtap/e-book site. The program/App is located on the lower right side; it is a “Green Apple with a Plus in the Center”. Once you have opened the program, it will ask you to create your profile information, “height, weight, age, gender and activity level”. Once complete, click on the “Track Diet” tab and record your food intake for one day, the same one day food intake as you did for “choosemyplate”. Again, Include all foods, snacks, and beverages. Go to reports and using the day you inputted, choose and print out the “MyPlateAnalysis” and”The Daily Food Log” reports.

The “Daily Food Log” report will separate what you ate it into your three meals and snacks.

You will than, using the”Daily food Plan Worksheet” along with information from the MyPlate website, “Match your food choices with each food group and the amount. Total the amounts of each group.

Compare your intake to the’s “My Plate Plan” for you.

Compare the amounts you determined you consumed to the amounts the “MyPlateAnalysis” report stated you consumed. How are they different? Include the differences in your conclusion paper.

Write a one-page Meal Summary conclusion paper. Comment on your intake and its relationship to your’s goals. Are your food choices typical of what you eat daily? Are there simple yet realistic ways you could enhance your diet so it looks more like the goals of your MyPlate ? What groups do you need to consume more or less foods from? Which particular foods do you need to consume more or less? In your changes, utilize foods you would be willing to consume.

The complete assignment will contain: 1. a cover page, 2. your’s “My Plate Plan”, 3. your filled out “My Daily Food Plan Worksheet”, 4. the Diet and Wellness “MyPlateAnalysis” and 5. “Daily Food Log” reports, 6. the conclusion paper and 7. a reference page.