My weight usage as shown in the calculation is 130 kg whereby a 1.2 K call calculated with my weight equals 154Kcal/hr. In relation to the Chick fil A, that is a popular meal whose sand which contains 440 calories on can opt to buy an Lg fry with calories of 550 together with a BBQ of 45 calories developing a total of 1335 calories. The physical movement of an individual is comprised of the level of one’s physical activity and for a health and good living, adults need to do at least two hours of rigorous physical activity. Improving fitness and reducing heart disease. 154Kcal/hr represents the total number of calories and fat that is contained in my choice of meal calculated against my body weight to bring a total of 1335 calories. The fat calories consumed from my meal calculations show a total of 49 from the fry with 32 and sandwich with 17 with no fat calories present from the lemonade and BBQ. The total calories from saturated fat in the sandwich is 4 with the fry being 5 hence a total of 9. The total calories of fat consumed are 33% as saturated fat total calories consumed are 6.1 %.

Observation from the calculation is that the consumption of calories is in line with the eating well guidelines that shows daily consumption of calories should be up to 2500 calories in a day. To lose one pound every one 1335 calories per week is recommendable. The physical activity levels guide one’s consumption of calories that should be in check and balanced throughout the daily meals (Weil,2001). Through one’s eating patterns and diet my calories consumption might be adjusted to fit a 39% fat and 48% of saturated fat that will show a break down of calories into breakfast, lunch and dinner. One ensures that without the encompassing of fruits at breakfast the calories would sum up to 234 calories, 345 calories for lunch and snacks carrying out 372 calories with 0 calories in dinner.

In regard to my physical activity, my amount of walking that is 2.6 kcal/min is significantly larger and much higher than the normal walking of a flat surface thus infrequent. This shows that I exceed the current value that would require me to do and keep at least two hours in a week of rigorous physical activity to keep my balance in check (Norgan,1992).


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