The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have mastered the topic/concepts you have researched and can engage in meaningful, scholarly dialog and/or debate with your peers while also offering a unique contribution to the subject.

For this assignment, you will Select three (3) questions submitted by your peers and/or your instructor from the discussion board to address formally and in detail for this assignment.

Choose questions of intellectual substance; each response should be 1 – 2 paragraphs in length.

Include the questions above your responses.

Present the question in bold text and your response beneath in regular APA style text. You do not need to identify the person who submitted the question.

Your responses should be organized, comprehensive, and well written.

Use citations and a reference page when appropriate to include supporting evidence; however, your responses should be unique and indicative of your own understanding of the subject.

Include a title page.


**** These are the questions

1. 1. Do you believe the U.S. Government is looking for a cure for AIDS? Or do you think they already have it but they do not want to make it public for money interest?

2. In your opinion and from you research what particular groups are most susceptible to acquiring HIV and how can we best prevent the spread of HIV in these populations?

3 .Is the abstinence is the only 100 % effective HIV prevention option? Does birth control protect against HIV?

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