Challenges of Joining Old Westbury College


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Challenges of Joining Old Westbury College

Joining Old Westbury College has been a dream for me since the days of my childhood. My desire to immerse myself in the prestigious learning environment that characterizes Old Westbury College has driven me to apply for a degree course in the college. This is my second degree in accounting, which comes after 8 years of rest from the college curriculum and syllabus. In addition to being renowned as one of the leading faculties in the world today, Old Westbury College will present me with a number of opportunities, as well as, challenges. At the outset, the first challenge I expect to face while studying at the college relates to the fact that I have been out of school for 8 years. I am well aware of the changes that have taken place in the college curriculum especially the incorporation of technology in the classrooms but my experience out of school has exposed me to the technological world hence my adaptation in school. Joining college after eight year of break also implies that my fellow students may be younger than me. For that reason, I will be required to improve my communication and interpersonal skills so as to socialize with the younger age groups for the promotion of group edification initiatives.

Old Westbury College is also recognized for its commitment towards maintaining a diverse student population, and for that reason I expect to intermingle with a number of student from diverse communities and cultures. This poses as a challenge because of the different cultural backgrounds that is characteristic of the college’s student population, which will demand awareness of the different cultures from the world. For example, I need to familiarize myself with the various ethical principles of each community to facilitate harmony with other students and reduce the risks of conflict in the college environment. Awareness of the diverse cultural backgrounds will demand research and compliance, which may be time consuming but extremely necessary. Additionally, the College’s diverse student population commands familiarization with different foreign languages to ease communication with other students in the school. This will, in turn, oblige me to take up one of the foreign languages as an extra course, which will demand additional time and commitment.

The last challenge I expect to face in Old Westbury College relates to my preferred degree course, which is accounting. As it is my second degree in accounting, I am well aware that the curriculum will be much tougher than my previous accounting curriculums in other schools. Because of the probability that the accounting curriculum maybe much broader and harder, I am aware of the requirement to commit plenty of my time, as well as, my resources if I am to attain success in my educational pursuit. I will be required to suspend some of my commitments so as to give full attention to my studies in the college, which will force me to defer my current employment. I am an ambitious individual who understands the challenges that may face me in my pursue for education in the College. My dreams and goals for the future motivate me to work harder for the achievement of an accounting education despite the potential challenges of pursuing this course at Old Westbury College.