Centralia is a borough and looks like a ghost town

Centralia is a borough and looks like a ghost town which is situated in  HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_County,_Pennsylvania” o “Columbia County, Pennsylvania”Columbia County, Pennsylvania, States. From over 1000 people now there are only 10 people living in this borough . This has been cause by massive mine fire which has been raging underneath from 1962. The local administration knew about the fire and did nothing whatsoever to warn the people or take steps to mitigate the effects of the fire raging beneath the borough The definition of a public administration system is meant to be one where the administration takes care of the public and makes sure that the people living within their area of supervision are properly taken care of. This is the meaning of what a public administration should do. In case of emergencies it has to make sure that people are protected and evicted to safe places and no loss of life occurs either property or to life. The role of the public administration is safeguarding the people and educating themselves about imminent disasters and of all possible cases of natural calamities and informing the people about the natural calamities that the area is likely to be hit by. The function of the public administration is like that of a guard and a police officer under whose care giving the people are protected. They function as well wishers who are to take care of the public. But in this case neither were the public administration caring enough nor were te employers careful enough. This shows apathy of the authorities .the public administration is like a welfare body instituted to take care of the local people.This is hwere the system failed.