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Career Plan.


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Career Plan.

My dream is to become an Early Childhood Educator. This is because Early Childhood Educator are tasked with development of a child; they are tasked with the educational, social, physical and emotional development of a student. There are various long term goals that I have established that will aid in the development of my career, this include:

Building trust- it’s important for teachers to develop trust between them and students. As an aspiring ECE teacher this is one of the main goals. This is because one will be tasked with the care of new little kids. As a teacher it’s important to ensure that their classroom is a safe place and welcoming.

Helping kids nurture friendships- as a teacher it’s important to help kids develop a set of skills which will enable kids to integrate in a society.

Avoid Burnout- naturally many teachers are born givers and some really don’t take time off,leading to burnouts. It’s therefore important to set time apart, where you can take time out to de-stress.

As an ECE teacher it’s important to be creative and energetic, in that one should be able to think out of the box. By making learning fun and interesting as well as help the children stay positive. Passion and love for the profession is also key, this is because strong dedication leads to great outcomes. As an ECE good communication is critical, whereby one establishes age appropriate communication skills. As an ECE there are various ethical standards that guide individuals to ensure high-quality practices. There various qualities that I posses that directly relates to this profession. These includes, work ethic, whereby am committed, a problem solver, very adaptable and quite flexible. Also communication and relationships are some of the necessary requirements, this is because as an ECE one needs to relate with many people, be it students, workmates or parents.

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