Can substantive progress toward sustainable marketing be made


Can substantive progress toward sustainable marketing be made only if consumers are willing to trade off some elements of convenience against other sustainability oriented benefits…why? 


Stakeholders have started to understand what the organization does, their values, strategy as well as mission. During that stage, the organization would be willing to give the stakeholders with the information for making the decisions. Consumers are willing to know how company’s products meet its requirements, employees are required to understand the company structure as well as systems & suppliers are willing to understand what organization needs from them. Organization has now been taking action towards collaborating further with the stakeholders. Consumers refer business; investors recommend stock as well as employees have been willing to take on the greater responsibility. Commitment towards sustainability may prompt the closer examination about the production processes, thus resulting in the improved product designs, product as well as service quality & production efficiency as well as yields, also with the environmental improvements (Marketing and sustainability, 2012).


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