Business Proposal – Allowing Part-Time Telecommuting

Business Proposal – Allowing Part-Time Telecommuting
February 17, 2016 VOSEY PAGES
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Please write proposal for allowing telecommuting to work part time. Show benefits for allowing employees to work from home 2 days a week.

Writing Assignment

•A 4-5 page (single-spaced) proposal. For a sample proposal, consult this example (remember, however, that your proposal needs to include outside research in APA format and two original visuals)

• Proposal must include at least 4-5 outside sources of research using APA style of documentation. Sources can be found on the Web using search engines as well as our own library resources and databases . Carefully review the additional sources below which will provide information on how to evaluate information as well as how to cite and document outside sources in APA format.
• Proposal also must present information visually by incorporating at least two original graphs (visuals) into the report.

Additional Resources:

Conducting Research on the Web/Documenting Sources
•Conducting a Productive Web Search (Purdue Online Writing Lab Handout)
•Using APA style of documentation (Purdue Online Writing Lab Handout)
•Visit the PUC library’s page.
•Also, see the PUC distance learner’s resource page.

Evaluating Information Found on the Internet

You need to evaluate your sources before you start using them. For some strategies to use in evaluating information that you find on the Web, see this resource:

Wolfgram Memorial Library, Widener University, a PowerPoint presentation on evaluating Internet information


Approximately 250 words