Building on what you wrote in Part 1 last week, ?Breast Cancer (Last week assignment) While examining the literature for your selected topic, assess in what way, if any, health promotion, disease prevention, or both have been incorporated or addressed.

Describe the importance of this topic to women?s health and in what ways you might incorporate health promotion and disease prevention where applicable. One of the many roles of the advanced practice nurse is to educate, empower, and enable patients and their families to improve and take control of their health?.
This WEEK: Locate, read, and write about the research and findings in two articles about your topic.
1st -These articles should have been published in the past two years in refereed nursing journals.
2nd -Your paper should analyze, compare, and contrast the authors? hypotheses, methods, and findings.
3rd ? In addition, you need to make revisions to Part 1 based on your readings, incorporated and resubmitted revisions to Part 1 with Part 2.
***Selected articles should be appropriate to the topic identified in Part 1 and as per the criteria defined in the assignment, AND PLEASE, Ensured the paper summarizes selected authors? hypotheses, methods, and findings***

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