Book Review of Physics for Future Presidents by Richard Muller

Book Review of Physics for Future Presidents by Richard Muller


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Book Review of ‘Physics for Future Presidents’ by Richard Muller

The author of the book ‘Physics for future presidents’ is Muller Richard. It was written when John McCain and Barrak Obama were running for election. Muller works at Berkeley, University of California as a professor of physics. It is not a coincidence that at the university he teaches a course similar to that of his book’s content. The book mostly focuses on debates, which have been held, concerning policy and there are a series of them. He ensures that the reader is aware of the fact that mass destruction can occur, due to weapons, which terrorists have. Other issues, which he makes known, are global warming and the crisis concerning energy. The style, which Muller uses are extremely non-polemical, as well as the tone is serious. He criticizes based on his opinions, and makes sure that valid reasons as well as evidence is given. A lot has been said concerning the Bush administration, but Muller makes sure that his views concerning this matter are made known. Muller is in favor of the use of nuclear power and criticizes those not in its favor. According to him, the nuclear energy is extremely safe, and thus the reason why he advocates for it.

The book’s title is extremely catchy, and anyone would love to know more about its content. The concept he came up for the book is brilliant. The content matches up to what the title is all about. The book has made excellent use of reasoning, in a scientific manner. There are various topics, which would be useful to anyone planning to become president. Muller makes sure that he does not use any misinformation and mythology, which many authors tend to use in their books. The perspective, which he uses, is in terms of physics. In turn, the reader is able to make decisions, which are well informed. Global warming is an issue that is contentious and Muller has made it be known well. Anyone who is level headed can make their own meaningful interpretations that have been put as notes, with reference to Muller. Towards the book’s ending there are calculations that are in the form of notes .The manner, which they have been put, makes one to appreciate Muller’s work even more. One does not have to be a genius in math to know what the calculations are about.

The evidence, which Muller uses, in his book is from many valid sources such as research and interviews with prominent people. The sources are extremely credible and are trusted by many professionals in the political sector. In order for the reader to be fully aware that the sources are credible, he cites his sources. This is done to ensure that he is not accused of coming up with a book, which is plagiarized. Muller ensures that while his views and opinions are known, they are also supported. Muller describes himself as being non-partisan and all the readers should accept his views. According to him, there is no mythology in science concerning the truth. Furthermore, he believes that mistakes are often made by science. He believes that the reason for coming up with the book was not for scientific purposes, but for making his opinion be known. This is the reason why there are opinions raised by him at each section ending. The reason for this is to separate his views and that, which has evidence. His thesis is supported well throughout the entire book and he does not force it. An example of an instance where he shows bias, is when he claims that the United States has authority over China. He seems to believe that America is in charge of China. This makes one to criticize Muller because of this act of biasness.

Muller hopes that his book will be read by future presidents of the United States. Furthermore, the modern world is full of technology and the issues, which need to be addressed, have components of technology. According to him, high tech, plays a vital role as it is has been the foundation for physics. There are certain trait, which presidents need to have, such as leadership, and sufficient knowledge. The presidents needs to be non-partisan and should have knowledge concerning science. In turn, they should be able to come up with policies, which will benefit people. The book should also be read by people who intend to vote for a president who is worthy. Words, which can be used to describe the style employed by Muller, are; extremely engaging, friendly, accessible and clear.

In conclusion, the book is up to standards and presented well. It has made me acquire a lot of understanding, concerning major issues that challenge good governance in the United States. Also, the issue which voters need to know before electing a president is now available. Every person who wants to be elected as president should address the issues, which Muller is advocating for. Indeed, this book must be read by every person, due to its valuable information.