Book Review of King Solomons Mines by Haggard, H. Rider


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Book Review of King Solomon’s Mines by Haggard, H. Rider

This is a book review concerning ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ written by the famous author Haggard Rider. In the year 1885, the book was written in England, the home country of the author. The genre of the book is the lost world, which in this case is fictional. The book is part of the series of Allan Quatermain. It focuses about Africa, which is being explored by some adventurers, and most notably among them is Allan Quatermain. The reason for undertaking the journey is to find one of their fellow members who got lost during the adventure.

Critical review of ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ by Haggard Rider

According to the publisher of this book, he describes a story that is quite exceptional in the manner, which it was written. In the 19th century, this book became a best seller compared to other novels of the time. ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ is not only a story that is adventurous, but also thrilling, as witnessed by the journey made by Allan Quatermain. He is in search of treasure, which he believes is only found in Africa. There is a vivid portrayal of alliances and battles between the African tribe’s men and white colonials. The lost world is quite extreme, as it informs people about the life that exists in Africa. Moreover, it informs one about disparate people who are facing a dilemma about who to express their loyalty to. Allan Quatermain and his party go to various African regions and encounter various fascinating adventures. Also, Haggard has presented his ideologies through the character of Allan Quatermain, and they are extremely promulgated. The element of realism is evident as it has been expressed through the relationships between the masters and servants, also the white and black people. It makes the reader of this novel to believe that Haggard is a person who expresses himself with the utmost confidence.

After reading this book, I gained knowledge concerning the relations that existed between white and black people during the 19th century. To some extent I believe that this book is guilty of the charges of racism and misogyny. It seems that Haggard portrays the white men as being superior to the blacks. In many instances, he refers to the Africans as being primitive people who will be saved by the white people. In modern times, many people might not agree with his sentiments.

I strongly encourage that everyone who is a fun on the lost world to read this intriguing book. Also, those who are interested in learning about how Africa used to be in the 19th century will find useful information from the book. Furthermore, when one reads the book they instantly connect with the adventures of Allan Quatermain and his party. Haggard Rider has used extremely brilliant writing skills that in turn, make the novel be easily understood. He makes use of a conversational style that is easy as it is narrated in first person. There is a lot that can be said concerning ‘King Solomon’s Mines’. Therefore, this book should be one that a person should make sure to read and recommend it to other people.

In conclusion, people should read books concerning the lost world as they are extremely fascinating. The novel ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ ensures that its readers relive in a world that is unknown. Furthermore, they learn a lot about the culture of African people and how they related with white people. Therefore, I believe that this best seller is one that meets the expectations of the reader. This is a novel that makes one to remember the works of Haggard Rider.