Benefits of Facebook

Benefits of Facebook





Social network is a term used to describe a system composed of individuals or organizations with a common interest of friendship, communication, advertisement, sharing knowledge and networking. Some of the present social networks include Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook among others. Facebook forms one of the major social networks in the world with over 800 million subscribers. Facebook’s operations are primarily dependent on the internet, where it offers the platform on which it operates (Cragun et al. 83).

Facebook’s operation is straightforward. One only needs to provide a valid email address for registration in order to create an account. One then fills in personal details such as where one lives, works or attended school. The network uses to notify users of any activities taking place in their accounts such as new messages, friend requests, comments or latest news around the globe. People can share their ideas, feelings or recent happenings in their lives. Other people get to comment and make their views on the person’s status update.

Joining Facebook has various benefits. It connects people by enhancing communication as it offers means of keeping in touch through means such as messages, pictures and chatting. It also gives people a chance to market their businesses, keep in touch with their clients and make new ones (Cragun et al. 83). Facebook is also a form of entertainment where one can upload photos, music and videos. They can also download and listen to music, view their friend’s photos and use different applications such as ‘hug-me’.

One does not always gain by joining Facebook. By joining Facebook, one loses privacy as they share personal information publicly with different people. People may want to intrude one’s life so endangering it. Facebook has an impact on people’s syntax and language since it distorts it. The language used in Facebook is redundant and uses the short-form of words such as ‘c u’ to mean see you, ‘l8er’ to mean later, among other forms of words. This can have a negative impact on one’s verbal and written communication.

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