Baccalaureate-prepared nurses are expected to function as managers, educators, collaborators, advocates, and leaders within a variety of settings. For this paper, you will develop a model that is reflective of nurse managed care (see end of instructions for an example of a nurse-managed model).

Students in this course currently work or have worked in many different health care settings (acute, community, armed services). Choose ONE of the following areas of health care (Ignore nursing education/curriculi models):
? Acute Care
? Chronic Care
? Palliative and End of Life Care
? Community Health
? School Health

b)Content of paper:
Title of Paper (top of page 2, centered) Innovative Nursing Care Delivery: [Name of Your Model]
PAPER HEADING: [Level 1] Introduction Explain why you chose the setting. In the past, Ive had students use settings in specialty units in hospitals; community housing and/or clinics; schools; health provider offices; armed services, rehabilitation, hospice, or ambulatory health care centers; client homes; nursing homes, short term stay housing; etc. What is your models goal(s) and/or purpose(s) and target population(s)? Choose a name for your model and include it in your paper title.
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Description of the [Name of Your Model] You are welcome to use your creativity in the model–develop your own or base it on an existing model. For ideas, start with the article found with the assignment or do literature searches on the internet. However, be sure that the model is nurse-led or nurse-managed. Registered nurses have authority to make decisions regarding nursing diagnoses, interventions, and referrals. Registered nurse practitioners have additional authority related to medical diagnoses and interventions (prescriptions). Be sure to include the themes crucial to meeting the challenges of the future: nurse- managed care, collaboration, continuity of care and technology in describing your model. Be aware of cost-effectiveness; you could develop the “Cadillac” of models, but no one would consider implementing it because the cost would be too high.

Nurse led and nurse managed health care. [Level 3] How is your model nurse managed? Were nurses instrumental in the development and implementation of your model? Are nurses consulted and/or make decisions re: budget, personnel, and the communication, referral, and evaluation processes?

Partnerships and collaboration. [Level 3] What partnerships and collaborations exist for your model? Are they at the professional level (i.e., social workers, dietitians, community leaders) and/or the organizational level (home health care agencies, public health departments)?

Continuity of care across settings. [Level 3] What happens when a patient/client moves to a different setting, i.e., home, hospital, hospice, clinic, etc. How is communication handled so the patient/family needs are consistently met across settings?

Technology. [Level 3] What technology is used? Is it high-t

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