b. Brief description of the supply chain netwo

Six sigma framework in supply chain” is an example of how six-sigma tools can be implemented to make better decisions and save money for a huge supply chain. Following are the expectations from your report:


  1. Give me a report of 4-5 pages (12 point Times New Roman, single spacing) on the case study “Six sigma framework in supply chain”.
  2. Your report need not be an extensive description of the case study including all details. For example,
    1. you do not have to focus on how the simulation model and the experimental design work. But you should briefly identify the different components of the model inputs, the outputs and the specific conclusions from the analyses. (I understand some of you may not be completely familiar with simulation/experimental design)
    2. your report should not include any data or figures from case study. Just reference them with indices used in the case study.
  3. You should write elaborately on what are the different six-sigma tools used and how they are used, as part of the DMAIC process.
  4. If possible, make a table or flow chart of different tools used at each stage of the DMAIC, as part of your report.
  5. Other information to include in your report are:
    1. Objective of the case study,
    2. Brief description of the supply chain network
    3. Metrics used at different stages of DMAIC,
    4. Results from each part of the DMAIC,
    5. Conclusion with a couple of suggestions that you think would have improved the analysis.
  6. A suggestion for organization of the report:
    1. Executive summary
    2. Introduction
    3. DMAIC
    4. Conclusion




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