Assignment for Essay #4

Assignment for Essay #4

ENG 010

Sarah E. M. Acunzo

Assignment for Essay #4

Assignment: For this assignment, you will use the skills you learned during the last 3 units to write a process analysis essay where you explain to the reader how to do something you are familiar with and relate it to your personal experience.

There are countless ideas you could utilize for this assignment, but here are some suggestions you can borrow or adapt in case you are stuck:

-how to repair, install, or operate something

-how to make some kind of food or craft

-how to celebrate or prepare for a certain holiday

-how to do a task at your job

-how to have a successful relationship, or to end one without hurting someone’s feelings

-how to reduce stress, get in shape, or exercise

-how to prepare for a test or presentation

-how to find a job, an apartment, or a car

-how to find time for both work and school

-how to prepare for a game or match as an athlete

-how to play a certain kind of game or sport

-how to teach a child how to read or anything else

-how to successfully live on your own

-how to do something you have talent for

Issues to Consider:

· Choose a topic that you are interested in and that you already know something about. You will not do research.

· Create a developed thesis statement that proves something. Express a thought or a feeling about the process that can be backed up in your body paragraphs. Do not just say there is a process.

· The steps of your process should be clear and explained with sufficient detail and examples. This essay will be slightly longer than your other essays.

· Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence. You will have a minimum of 7 paragraphs in this essay:

1 introduction, 2 or 3 where you explain the steps, 2 or 3 where you relate the process to your own personal experience (past, present, future), and 1 conclusion.

You may choose to have your paragraphs where to you relate the process to your personal experience come before you explain the process or afterwards. It is up to you.

Requirements: Your final draft of your essay should be a minimum of 7 paragraphs and 3 pages in length (typed and double spaced). This is a little longer than we have been doing.